Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where to begin - this could get long.......

I Have to start out by saying that I have taken a lot of pictures lately, the Maddox family has been out and about - but for some reason, I just haven't downloaded them and shared them with you. So this post won't be to long, but I will write another post either at nap time or tonight and try and catch up - so keep looking! :) I'm sure everyone who is reading this knows Stephen, if you don't let me take a minute and try and describe him for you - he's a red head! The most loving, sweet, funny, yet temperamental 2 year old you'll ever meet. One minute he is cracking me up with what he says "Mama, I'm just working" then the next minute he is bent over backwards screaming b/c who knows why. I guess that is a 2 year old though.
Here's a great example of Stephen, I love this stage he's in right now - his imagination is amazing and it brings me such joy to see him play. So why not find Abby's Boppy and place it on your head and call it your Fireman's helmet! I just can't get enough of him - oh and there's more of his great personality at the bottom of this post!
Last weekend, we headed over to Mississippi to visit some family; here's Aunt Sarah loving on Abby - we miss you Aunt Sarah!!

Some more of our wonderful family - Uncle Pat, Aunt Jody, and of course Grandma! Grandma by the way is at this moment getting ready to board a cruise to Mexico! :) More on that and our trip to her house later.

So here he is again - love this kid! here's the deal, our good friend Todd Sylvester started singing heatmiser to Stephen after Mass awhile back - Stephen thinks he is sooooo funny! So now he goes around the house singing heatmiser and trying to dance like him!! For some good ole fun, I tried to do his hair up and get him to sing and dance for the video camera - didn't work! Stephen now has an aversion of the camera!! So here he is letting me know he is not happy that I am following him around taking one picture after another saying over and over again - "Stephen sing heatmiser, sing heatmiser, please." Ok Abby, I need you to grow some so I have anther child to torment! For a better look at his hair just click on the picture and it will make it bigger.

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Jessica said...

I hear you on the red head comment, sister. You really can't understand what that means until you've experienced the ups and downs that are ingrained in a red headed toddler. At least they make up for it by keeping us laughing!