Monday, January 24, 2011

Melt my heart!!!

 I would like to introduce to the world Henry Leo Murphy, III aka Bing.  Oh my what can I say - my heart melted the first time I saw him!!  Thank you Hank and Nikki for traveling town and sharing this amazing child with us!!!  When I first held womb yerned - then it remembered it there were already two miricles inside and there was no need for yerning :)
 This is my Memere holding her newest Great-grand child (this makes 9 I believe)!  What a sweet moment
 Stephen wanted in on the action - I was despritly trying to get all three of the Henry and Jayne grandchildren in on a picture with their Great Memere....but that wasn't working
 This would be about as good as it gets - but hey we did it!!  Now let's see what happens when we add in the other two in just a few weeks :)
 Sweet Popi, don't let this picture fool you; Bing was just sad b/c they were about to leave
And I just don't think Mimi could get enough of this little guy - do you blame her?  Look how stinking cute he is, I can't wait to hug and kiss him again!!  Stephen is still talking about him! :)  Love it!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a year

I thought about it and thought about it and finally let in to my desire to post an ENTIRE year of pictures of my children - I mean can you really blame me?
I ended up looking at some pictures on facebook and just was amazed at how Stephen and Abby have grown, me too by the way - but I'm not documenting that :)
I know it happens, it happened to your children too - but when you see them everyday you just forget how they change, and change and change
So I thank God for many things, but especially for the invention of the digital camera!!!
B/c this invention has allowed me to take hundreds and thousands of pictures of my children, even just in a single month :)
I just need to become a little bit better about doing something with these pictures, these great memories
 I know if I don't get better about printing them out, then they will just be a bunch of thousands and thousands of pictures my children will have to sort through to see themselves grow.....
 Something tells me that's just not as much fun as sitting on the floor going through, album after album and random envelopes of pictures like I did many many times
 So my goal for this week is to order those pictures I've put in my Sam's Club cart, and then maybe next week put them in an album.....
 My guess is this should be done before the twins get here - what do you think :)
 Is anyone still reading this??
 I'm starting to run out of random things to say to go along with these awesome pictures in review....
 I personally like watching transitions in the pictures, like how at the beginning of the year Stephen was in diapers, and by this point he is not..... pictures help us block out all that in between that it took to get there!
 Then again, this picture might capture some of it!
 I also love to watch how Abby went from having very little hair, to the cutest curl in the back!
 Then it starts to grow over her ears, what a big girl
 Then I'm reminded that Stephen - though very articulate and makes me think he's 5 is really only 3 and still such a little guy!
 And he will always be my first baby
 She will always be my first little girl
 but not always my baby girl, that will be a changing role I'm sure of :)
 Then again, sometimes I think all my children will still be my babies forever and ever
Even when they're all grown up and blogging about their own children 
So happy 2011 - can't wait to add the twins to these pictures very soon!!! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

User Manual "Not to's"

Do you ever wonder if the makers of some toys had things like this in mind while writing the users manual?  We call this skiing - well at least Stephen does.  Maybe I should loan him out to fisher price for a few weeks to toughen up their toys :)

Oh wait, excuse me Abby could you please watch where you're driving - that would be helpful
Never mind, looks like you guys found the one hole in over 3 acres to crash into - ahh the joys of imagination! :)  I love this age!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I promise I'm here!

 Yes, yes, I know it's been a while - but I'm here I promise!  Stick with me, hold on, I'll get back to blogging more often I promise.  For now these every-once-in-a-while posts will have to do

 See I seem to have a few things getting in my way these days 1) I bring my camera places, but I leave it in the car and just don't have the energy to get it :) 2) I tend to lay down in bed right after the kids go to bed :)
This does mean that I have missed out on some very fun family moments over the past two weeks - but give me credit I got Christmas morning
And this, this history picture - this is Stephen Christmas Eve asleep on the couch while watching a movie.....UM if you know Stephen you know this NEVER happens!!!!  His excitement must have lulled him to sleep :)