Monday, January 24, 2011

Melt my heart!!!

 I would like to introduce to the world Henry Leo Murphy, III aka Bing.  Oh my what can I say - my heart melted the first time I saw him!!  Thank you Hank and Nikki for traveling town and sharing this amazing child with us!!!  When I first held womb yerned - then it remembered it there were already two miricles inside and there was no need for yerning :)
 This is my Memere holding her newest Great-grand child (this makes 9 I believe)!  What a sweet moment
 Stephen wanted in on the action - I was despritly trying to get all three of the Henry and Jayne grandchildren in on a picture with their Great Memere....but that wasn't working
 This would be about as good as it gets - but hey we did it!!  Now let's see what happens when we add in the other two in just a few weeks :)
 Sweet Popi, don't let this picture fool you; Bing was just sad b/c they were about to leave
And I just don't think Mimi could get enough of this little guy - do you blame her?  Look how stinking cute he is, I can't wait to hug and kiss him again!!  Stephen is still talking about him! :)  Love it!!!

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Henry's Mom said...

Jess! He is so adorable!!! Please tell Hank & Nikki congrats from me. You know, my Henry wore that exact onesie home from the hospital one yr ago... sweet memories!