Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you a planner? I am!

I have always been a planner, I remember as a child packing and unpacking and repacking weeks before a family vacation - or really anything! 

 So it should come to no surprise to me or my family that this past month has been a month of preparation - I didn't want to get to prepared for the babies before they came so that I was bored and had nothing to do closer to their due date.  But even that being said poor Alan has had a little list of things to get from the storage unit and he has just had to deal with piles and piles of clothes all over our room as I sorted, washed and figured out where in the world we were going to put everything!!
Now we've hit the 34 week mark (actually we're closer to 35 now!) and I'm still going strong!!  My urge to get prepared is still there, I even started the hospital bag; and after yesterday's appointment I'm glad I did!  We headed in for another ultrasound yesterday and there was a moment where the ultrasound tech just kinda look funny b/c Cecilia's head is soooooo low she couldn't even get a measurement.  She made us think we might be going into the hospital that day - but we didn't :)  It's not time just yet, and there's no reason to rush things; we want these babies to keep cooking.  As of now, if I go into labor then they won't stop me - that's a good place to be in this pregnancy!!  The twins - well their growing really well!  The ultrasound guess is that Jude is almost 5lbs and Cecilia is almost 5 1/2 lbs!  This is wonderful for twins at this age.  So keep us in your prayers that they stay in a bit longer, keep growing and get to come home with us!   I'll keep sending Alan back to the storage unit for just a few more things :)


The Little House That Grew said...

Yeah..5 pounds each. I love those 2 cuties walking together in your first picture. Super cute.
Rest well my dear friend...great beauty is heading your way!!

Henry's Mom said...

This seemed like the shortest pregnancy ever, but maybe because I wasn't the one pregnant ; - ) Miss you, love you and am so excited for you and the fam! Praying for healthy mama and babies (soon)... but not too soon!