Monday, March 31, 2008

Little wild man

Little wild man is our title for Stephen. :) He is a true wild man, in the best way possible. Stephen is a great combination of both Alan and I - smart, determined, independent, observes everything, and figures out how things work quickly! I actually have to block his sight when I am opening and closing the baby gates - he watches so closely and the day after we put it up he was already grabbing the lock and trying to figure it out!

So to our wild man! We love him so, and he is wild! He moves constantly and only stops when he is sleeping - I love it! He's learning how to throw balls now, which of course makes Alan very happy! And his favorite word is no no no no no while shaking his head and pointing his finger at you! :) It's hard not to laugh at him during Mass when he twists his entire body back and forth as fast as he can and makes funny noises at the people behind us - it's really hard not to laugh! And he loves wrestling with Augie! Augie usually loves it too :)

So this post is just a fun little post for all of those who what to know all about Stephen and what he is up to these days. He is one cute little man who keeps us laughing all the time!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stephen playing

Stephen took his first steps!

On Friday March 21, 2008 Stephen Thomas Maddox took his first steps!! I couldn't believe it. He had been letting go of stuff and leaning toward us for a week or so. You could tell he just moved his feet to help the fall, but this past Friday it was different! He was holding onto the coffee table and running around it (that's his favorite game) then he stopped, let go, and took three steps over to me(Jess)! He laughed and just kept doing it over and over again!!! We'll see what happens next....keep posted.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday at our house

Easter Vigil

The Maddox Family

This is the Maddox family! The mom (Jessica), the dad(Alan), and their amazingly handsome son Stephen! Alan and Jess met three years ago and fell in love almost instantly. They were married a year after they met, May 13, 2006 to be exact, got me (the greatest dog ever) in July, and were blessed with Stephen one year later; May 18, 2007. We now reside in good ole Mobile Alabama were Jess is the Director of Religious Education at our Parish, and Alan is a mechanical engineer in Mississippi (one nasty commute each day!)

Our First Blog

Well I have to say that it is due to getting the Kuetemeyer Korner that finally pushed me over the edge. I hope everyone enjoys reading up on the Maddox family, checking out our pictures of Stephen, and of course video's. We'll be looking forward to all the comments and hello's from our family and friends!!!