Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had so much fun over Christmas - and still are! We started things a bit early by heading over to Alan's moms house to exchange gifts and spend some much needed time with her! Stephen got a firetruck, dump truck, and some elmo video's (I think grandma knew what she was doing!) He loved it all (you'll actually see a photo in the link on the right of him sitting in his dump truck the next day waiting for a ride!)

Then Christmas eve we headed to my parents house where the entire gang was there - my brother and sister-in-law, my sister, my grandmother, and of course my parents. It was a ball. After Mass Alan started building the train table! My brother helped out a bit and before long it was up and ready! Good thing b/c Christmas morning Stephen was so surprised and so happy. He started playing on it at 7am and only stopped at noon b/c I made him take a nap. He woke up and went right back to it. The only way we could feed him breakfast is by me bringing muffins to him - LOL silly goose!
After a wonderful Christmas day we headed down to the beach for a much needed and relaxing vacation. Stephen is still swimming his heart out and running on the beach..... actually he was taking a nap and I can hear him calling me, so I must go.
Merry Christmas and we love you all! Check out the link on the right for more fun photos!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pre - Christmas outings

This weekend has been a blast! Alan started his two week vacation and we embraced it! First we headed off to Bellingrath Gardens for the amazing display of Christmas Lights!! Then we went with Mimi and Poppi for a fun train ride in the middle of the country! Here Stephen is dancing while waiting to get back on the train (the train took us to the "north pole" where all the kids got their picture with santa then got a toy choo choo train and decorated it! Then after the ride everyone got a cookie and some coco while the kids played on train tables; it was really neat. Stephen loves choo choo's and talked about it all day today!

Waiting for the train to start up
Mommy, Daddy, Stephen, Mimi, and Poppi

Just a fun picture of Stephen building with his blocks.

Stephen and Daddy at Bellingrath enjoying the lights. The lights are so beautiful with so many different displays, a family favorite!

Friday, December 5, 2008

He's so cute!!!!

Isn't he so cute and getting so big!!! I can't believe how amazing he is!! Stephen gave me the biggest smile yesterday when I asked, it was the cutest thing in the world! Oh, please ignore the pink tile and blue carpet, for those of our bloggers who haven't seen our home - we have blue carpet and pink tile, but a huge pile of hardwood in the office ready to go down when that project's turn is up! :)

Here's a pic of me for all those who've asked. Not the greatest, but I'm most certainly pregnant! About 27 weeks now, I can't believe it!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving with family!!! Stephen loves cousins!

This Thanksgiving we headed over to Alan's moms house for some great cooking and much needed time with family! Stephen got to play with his cousins Katherine and Taylor and his Aunt and Uncle, and of course his grandmother!! He had a blast and loved all the attention he got!

After thanksgiving and watching a horrible Egg bowl we headed over to my parents house where my cousins and Stephen's godparent's were visiting.

Stephen getting a work out with Katherine

BIKE!!! Stephen after a nice bike ride with daddy and Augie :) Yes, again I did not get a picture of him actually in the bike trailer :(

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New pics

Here are some recent pictures of Stephen, he is growing up so fast, I can't even believe it!

Stephen and his friend Emma at Sam's Club

Stephen after a kiss

Stephen loves monkey's! And his Aunt Jo gave him one in May, well one day while he was playing in his room he wanted to play with all the monkey's so I put this one around his neck and he loved it, walked around like that almost all day! :) Silly goose. and yes, that's another monkey in his hand :)

A shamless plug for Krispy Kreme

Stephen tries his first doughnut :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello everyone,
sorry it's taken so long to put anything up, and this isn't much I know. The Maddox household has been busy busy and sicky sicky. Stephen came down with an icky bug that included the throw-ups and then a nasty cold with it, and just when I thought it was over he got an ear infection :( Poor guy, but when I think about it, this is the first real cold he's had! But he is doing great!

Other than that, Alan has been working hard on the house. His buddy Chris came over a few weekends ago and helped him tile the bathroom floor, then the next few weekends he took on the kitchen and breakfast knook floor's. What a difference some new floors make! I'll post some pictures very soon.

I've been busy with work, this is the begining of the busy times to come. All the early cerimonies and preperation for the Sacraments started in October, then we had a great three night series/lector on the Mass, and soon our Advent mission will be here. So I'm looking forward to the holiday's, and some much needed rest and relaxation with the family! But I can't complain at all, I am so blessed to work from home and Alan is so great with getting home early on some nights so I can get up to the Church for my programs.

Little Abby is doing great and so is mommy. I'm now about 25 weeks along and feeling wonderful, I have some energy and I even forget I'm pregnant sometimes - kinda. Alan is enjoying feeling her move all around and I'm enjoying the sleep I'm getting at the moment.

So keep posted for some new pictures and adventures. See you all soon!
Love you
The Maddox Fam

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're having a GIRL!!

The Maddox Family would like to introduce to you the newest little one in the Maddox Family Abigail Anderson Maddox due March 8th 2009!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stephen goes sailing.....kinda

So we didn't go sailing, but Stephen did get on the sail boat for the first time. Saturday we spent the afternoon hanging out in fairhope and Stephen had a blast. Here are some photos.
He was checking out Poppi (my dad) as he worked on the sail.
ummmm, warm sand
Cold water

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great Video

Hello all faithful readers of the Maddox Blog. I wanted to pass on a video that was sent to me about the upcoming election and the importance of what is at hand. This is a very powerful video that I believe puts things in perspective, it is Catholic, but it also reaches out to all of our brothers and sisters throughout the country! God Bless you all!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday fun!

This Saturday started off with a.....grunt :) Stephen got a new basketball goal (Thanks uncle Pat!)and Sat. morning was the first time he used it, and every time he got the ball in the net he grunted with pride! It was hilarious, we have no idea where he got that from! After a little basketball game in the living room Alan and I took Stephen down to Fairhope for a nice Saturday afternoon bike ride. There is a great sidewalk that goes to Point Clear, on the way home we stopped at Sacred Heart Catholic Church right on the bay - yes again I didn't get a photo of him in the bike trailer....sorry!!

Slam Dunk!
Look mom it's Mary!
That's Jesus' mommy

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bubbles, hot chocolate, and water

Every Thursday night Alan and I attended a Bible study and my parents so kindly come over and watch Stephen. This past Thursday they were able to come over a little early and I got to play with them also :) So we headed outside and my mom served us all hot chocolate (I"m sorry to say I didn't get pictures of that!) Stephen loved it and couldn't get enough, he taught himself really quick how to drink out of a big boy cup..... no spilling when we're talking about chocolate! Then came the out the water bottle and bubbles! All for a fun fallish evening on the porch!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing outside

Though we didn't get a picture of Stephen in the bike trailer, here are some pictures of one of our latest family outings on the bikes. Alan finally convinced me that a bike trailer was a good idea - we are now riding our bikes all the time and Stephen loves it. Last Saturday I had to go to a workshop in Daphne so Alan took Stephen to Fairhope. There is a path that goes along the bay and Alan said that Stephen didn't make a sound the entire ride - he just stared out at the water and smiled! :)

Here are some photos of us stopped for a break to say hi to our friends Dan, Lauren, and Emma!
Emma say's "hey I want to go for a bike ride!"
Quick snack time! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Aunt Jo

Here's to Aunt Jo! That's my sister who lives on the West coast and we miss her so much, and here's a little video for her! We love you Jo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random fun from the summer

Daddy and Stephen taking down the gate that Augie broke
"Hey Mom, take a picture of me!"
Stephen taking a nice dip in his pool on a hot summer afternoon.
"my best friend!"
Going in for the kiss :)