Thursday, May 26, 2011

The month of May

My Aunt Kathy and Cecilia
 The month of May has always been a very special month for us
first family picture of a family of 6! :)
 It's filled with birthday's, anniversary's, celebrations
My very good looking nephew and of course his parents :)  Also very good looking :)
 but this year the month of May has been even more exciting than usual!
4 beautiful generations!!
 Because it's also been filled with family!  It's hard to beat that!
Cecilia, Bing(my nephew), and Jude....remember, Bing is only 5mnths old! :)
We even got to hang out with Alan's family in Baton Rouge last weekend - and still one more exciting event is still tomorrow!! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Somethings the same around here

 Stephen's 2nd birthday party
3rd birthday party 
4th birthday party

Notice anything?  With the new Cars movie coming out - I feel this fascination with McQueen might last a bit longer; maybe I should go ahead and buy the McQueen cake mold for next year! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Please help!

 Ok, so you know how after having babies your brain is like mush?  Well, after having two and two toddlers I can easily say my brain is gone!
 so I need your help, right now I have found myself in strange situations - I will be around people and have NOTHING to say!  If you know me you know this is crazy!
 What it comes down to is my day (24hrs) is spent with little ones.  I love this, I am so thankful for this opportunity and time with my children; but when you add in the mush brain and little kids that equals nothing to say!
 My solution, I need to start putting more adult like material in my brain so I can then have something to think about/talk about
So here's what I need - a reading list!  Anything that would keep my attention, anything! I am currently reading a great spiritual book - but I have found that when I'm reading things that are deep it is very hard for me to consentrate on it, b/c I'm tired and my brain is mush.  So please leave a comment, let me know what you are reading, and then next time I see you at the park I won't just stand there like a mute silly goose who only opens her mouth to yell at a child or talk about breastfeeding! LOL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time flies by

So it's been awhile, and in that time the Maddox family has been up to some fun!
Yesterday, May 13th, marked 5 amazing years of marriage for Alan and I - 5 YEARS! love it, love him, love it all!  And in those 5 years, we have been blessed with 4 beautiful children - yes I do laugh every time I say that!
Today we celebrated Stephen's 4th birthday (even though he doesn't turn 4 until May 18th) 
But before all of that, and I'm sure to come, we've been spending most of our time either outside with family, or hanging out with good friends!
Because for me and this crew, if we're not staying busy - then we're going crazy!  Some would see us and think we're busy and crazy, but that's just my silly kids having the time of their lives!
We've also had family in town (pictures still to come)
And we've been visiting Vancleave (Alan's mom's house) a lot!  I can't express how much an extra hand is - I don't even think I realized it until we headed to Grandma's house and she was there to pick up a baby, or fix a meal, or just be inside with the twins so I could play with Stephen and Abby!  It's been rather nice to say the least.

So I hope you are all enjoying the start of this summer as we are, hang in there with me I promise I'm here it just takes a bit to blog - oh and my mind is kinda blank these days so even if I have a moment to write to you, there's not much to say! 

But one thing I would like to say - THANK YOU to all of you who have made us a meal, or two, let us come over and held a baby, prayed for us, let me cry in front of you, or anything!  Our friends and family have been such an amazing help these past few months!  God Bless you all!!