Thursday, May 29, 2008

Margot and Patrick Rivera's Wedding

The Maddox family has just returned from a wonderful long weekend in California! (I can not find my camera at the moment b/c we have yet to fully unpack, so stay with me and I will post pictures very soon!)

We went out for the amazingly beautiful wedding of Margot and Patrick, and we had a blast! What a happy and wonderful couple.

Stephen was great, he was a bit of a handful on the flight out there, but while we were there and on the flight home he was great!! Daddy had fun spending some quality time with Stephen while I was doing stuff with the bride and all the fun stuff that goes along with being in a wedding.

On Sunday, after Mass, we headed down to San Diego to see Aunt Jo! It was worth the drive, b/c as soon as we pulled up Jo walked up to the car and Stephen jumped out of my arms into hers and then rested his head on her shoulder!! I couldn't believe it, he doesn't do that for anyone, but he loves his Aunt Jo!

I do ask one favor of all of our blog readers, please pray for Patrick's mom Patty. She has cancer and though you couldn't tell this past weekend, she is suffering and needs our prayers! God Bless her, she is an amazing woman who raised a wonderful genuine man!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Check out all the fun pictures from Stephen's party at the FYC, we had a blast!
The McLaughlin's - see that little girl, that's Alan and Jess' goddaughter!!! Aren't we lucky!!! :)
Emily and Lucy, the oldest and the youngest of the Melnik Family! They're so adorable!
Stephen and his Grandma checking out the cool ballons

Our Friends the Johnsons- check out that cute little baby girl!

Stephen and his gret grandmother Memere, letting everyone know how old he is!

The Maddox family-- thank you to everyone for your prayers and love this first year! We couldn't have done it without you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hanging out with Aunt Jo!!! We miss you

Swinging with some friends down at the FYC

I LOVE SOCCER!!!!! And my doggie :)