Monday, October 31, 2011

Magical trip - part two

 I wanted to add a special post to say that this amazing, wonderful, fun filled trip could not have been possible without these two amazing, wonderful, fun filled people..... my parents :)
 Thank you Mom and Dad!  You guys made the trip stress free, and so much fun!!!  We love you and can't wait to do it again!
Abby and Stephen say hello :0, actually this is the only way I could get a picture of them in their new T-shirts, and Stephen is turning Abby into a dinosaur :)  Love them!!

P.s. a public service announcement, I know my pictures have been a little, well, not very good lately; but we are slowly moving out of survival mode, which means maybe some more fun picture taking!!  Right now, my goal is to get my amazing children's life documented - period. :)  That's about what I have time for, and well that's really all they'll stay still for! LOL  Oh and I am saving up for a new lens..... can't wait to get that in a few months!!!  That might just be the inspiration I need and watch out! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a trip! Be warned, more pictures than words!

 I've decided that a non-stop, constant go go vacation is what God made this family for!!  We had a blast!!  From the moment we entered the Magic Kingdom until the moment we collapsed in our beds on the last night!
 We threw caution (and our routine) to the wind, and went in with a very optimistic mind set - we were going to have fun!!  And we did!!  (of course, throwing our schedule out the door almost killed my minor OCDness; but after a day I noticed I was the only one who minded so I let go)
 Stephen of course was a big help......... haha
 I think the twins inherited my people watching disease and just enjoyed the cool air and the people, ahh the people!
We hit the parks running, we moved from one ride to the next - and loved every moment!!
I'd like to take a brief break to mention this shirt was purchased b/c Abby had gone through two other outfits already on day 1!  She just really wanted a Mickey Mouse shirt I guess!!
We had to make time to dine with our dear friends Goofy, Donald, and Minnie
Ohh Minnie, Abby loves her so.  It actually reminds me of my strange love of Donald Duck - which was reignited when he approached our table at breakfast - soooo oddd, and yet so cute!
After a wonder day off at our resort where we rested up by swimming all day :)  We had to head over to Universal Studios!!  And of course - the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter
I'll be honest - we had an amazing time - but after the experience at Disney I felt that Universal had a lot missing!  The kids had fun, we had fun - but there just wasn't that Disney feeling. 
Now please note that Stephen and Abby are not ones to just fall asleep anywhere - this my friends is a sure sign of complete exhaustion!!  Ahhh, to me I would say these are signs of success!!
Lunch time nap for Minnie and her new best friend Abby
Cecilia not really into a nap, but more squinting at her daddy flashing his camera at her during a very exciting parade!
But of course like all things, this to must end :)  The trip was great, the kids loved it, and I even got to read a book!!  Dear Pioneer Woman, it was your book - I loved it, and I know you are not reading this :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So long, so long!

 I don't even know what my title means.... but what I think I wanted to say was something like - it's been so long, I miss talking to all of you out there, hope you're doing well! :)
 Around here, well busy would be the best word for us.  We have been up to a little this and that, but let's face it four little ones keeps a mama movin!!
 One evening when Alan got home from work I looked over (as I was putting a twin in a high chair, realizing that we where now feeding solids and things were changing again) and I mentioned "do you think there will be an "easy" stage with twins?"  Not that feeding them is "hard" but that day, looking at how my perfected routine was going to change again and that Alan and I hadn't figured out how to feed them dinner and eat dinner ourselves - I just wondered if there was an easy stage. 
 That being said, our lives have changed again with eating, crawling (Jude) scooting (Cecilia) babies and it's of course wonderful - but those first moments of routine change are well a bit difficult for a minor control freak like myself :)
All in all things around here are finally getting into a groove, a constant motion kinda groove, but a groove at least.  (did I say groove enough to convince anyone??)  :)
Well, things are actually moving from what we've called the "survival" period.  So much so that we have a fall full of fun mini vacations, and one major vacation..... I'll let you all in on that one - but I'll give you a little clue.... Miscka, Mooska......(did I even spell that right?)
Keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours!