Friday, March 22, 2013

A "Glorified" moment - on a bike

So I had a moment last night.  And I'm having a hard time visualizing it for all of you! Haha!
As I put our dinner in the oven then stepped outside, I had a sudden need to fill the air in my bike tires and dust off the pollen.  The kids thought it was awesome to see mommy ridding her bike!  I needed a moment to myself, so I headed down our street, got up some speed and did this:

It was one of those moments that only lasted a mil-a-second, but I felt God, I had a vision, and a deep reflection.  Again, all in a mil-a-second.  :)

In that short moment I felt the beauty and freedom of Christ.  I then saw my Memere.  But I didn't see her as I knew her.  I saw her and my Pepere like this:

See, as we approach Holy Week our minds and hearts and getting excited for Easter, for all that we've prepared for during this Lent.  And as I thought of my grandparents, in what I could only guess to be the highlight of their youth (I mean look at those eyes, mischievousness I see!), I thought of them and their "glorified bodies".  I look as those eyes, and I see joy, and love, and something that just speaks to me.  I see Heaven.  I see two people who were apart for 38 yrs, now in their glorified state, looking down on all of us and letting us know that this is what Christ has for all of us.

When Christ resurrected, He was glorified.  As we all  hope to be.  We are called to reflect on this, to strive for Heaven and all that God has done for us here on Earth.  This has truly been a deep and emotional Lent for me and my family.  I am constantly in awe as to what Christ has in store for us. 

Have a happy and holy - Holy Week!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

So I've been working on a post for a while now, but to be honest my time and my heart has not been with it.  And just this afternoon, I thought I would link up with Hallie once again for Five Favorites, but as I began typing I received a phone call.  I was expecting this call, this is why my heart has not been into posting much - b/c all I wanted to do was tell the world how much I love my Memere.  So here I am, my heart sad and relieved all at the same time.  My Joan of Arc has left us, she has gone to be with Our Lord.
Jeanne d'arc Murphy - Joan of Arc - my Joan of Arc!
 I would like to take a short moment and let you all know that this woman was AMAZING!
 Jeanne Murphy, Memere as I knew her, was a strong, prayerful, loving, beautiful, and caring woman. 
 She loved all her babies, and made all of us feel as if we were her favorite.  
 This wonderful woman held her faith close to her heart and prayed for me when I didn't care, or know that she was doing so. 
 In the silence of her room, in the presence of Our Lord, she prayed for my soul.  She asked God to guide me to be a better woman, to be like her.
I am honored to call her MY Grandmother, MY Memere!
Thank you Memere, for your gift to this world!  For saying Yes to life, for having 7 children, for spreading your love to all of us. 
 I am honored to tell the world that her prayers led me closer to Christ.  And that I was able to show her that through my life, with my family.  
 I love you Memere.  I will miss you.  I am happy to know that you knew Christ, and today you are with him.
Pray for us, my Joan of Arc!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favorites link up (vol. 2)

Hello again ladies!  I have to be honest, when I think of my five favorite things that got me through this past week I automatically think about antibiotics.  But I'll refrain from making that my #1 again - although I'm still on them!

1)  More2Life

This is an amazing radio show based on the Theology of The body. The show is hosted by Dr. Gregory Popcak and his wife Lisa Popcak.  They've written multiple (and wonderful) books on parenting, marriage, love, and all that comes with it! I download the podcast (for free) and listen on my runs.  I love this!  It not only makes me run longer b/c I want to finish the show, but it guides me in life, brings me closer to Christ, and keeps me in check with my marriage and family life.  Whether you're single, married, young or older this podcast is for you.  

2)  Floral (or whatever it's called) dresses

I think that anyone who knows me, knows that I like solid colors!  I always have, and lets be honest I always will (with exception to a little fun poka-dot here and there).  That said, this past weekend I attended a reunion.  I needed a new dress (b/c it's been well over a year since I bought one, and before that.....5 years!)  So A good friend directed me towards a store and simply said that I shouldn't be afraid to look outside my comfort zone.  I found this lovely, fun dress.  I love it!  It's so comfy, and cute and MODEST!!!  At first I would say it was out of my comfort zone........ but maybe I just changed zones!

3) Coffee-Mate

French Vanilla Liquid

Here's the deal - I love coffee!  Do I know what coffee tastes like without Coffee-mate? Yes, but I don't care for it :)  (really I'll drink it any way I can get it, but I will move Heaven and Earth if we are out to get it and make my morning just right!)  So maybe I don't love coffee - maybe I love sugar???  Hmmmm, just maybe! 

4)  The Pioneer Woman

picture by, Ree @ The Pioneer Woman
I started following P-Dub years ago - but it was b/c of photography.  Though my time with her is limited now, I am still secretly in love!  Ok, not such a secret.  This week particularly I've been thinking about her cinnamon rolls!!  I want disparately to make these and have them in the freezer ready to go for Easter morning.....but I'm not sure I can put myself through the torture of making them.  We gave up sweets, and though I know its a great opportunity in discipline I did make three wonderful cakes already this Lent..... not sure I can put myself to the test again :) We'll see!

5) These faces!

 Though I had tons of fun on my weekend getaway.  
 Nothing can replace these gifts from God!
Walking in the door, everyone screaming with joy and running towards me was the highlight of my week!  I love my fan club!!

Now head on over to Moxie Wife and read some more!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

You can take a girl out of Troy, but not the Troy out of a girl!

This weekend I had the great opportunity to participate in our first ever ADPI EK reunion!  I know, I know, some of my readers are thinking.... oh great a sorority post... but what I have to say is so much more! 
After 10+ years of not seeing some of these ladies I was reminded that what we formed was a true genuine friendship!  My soul needed this! I think I can speak for most of us there and say that in our everyday lives we get into a rut, not a bad one, but a rut none the less.
 I think we get up, we love our families, we give back to our communities, we laugh with our friends and spouse - but sometime we need to be reminded that even though we have grown and matured we are still the same silly girl God intended us to be!
 These amazing women hold a place in my heart that will always be there, one that makes me who I am today.  One that makes me laugh until I cry, with just a simple "look" across a table.  
 So this weekend, over 100 women from around 2 decades of pledge classes, came together in fellowship.  Even though we haven't seen some in many, many years, we have a common bond, one that lasts a lifetime.

 Some women were roommates, neighbors, housemates, best friends.
Some shared the same pledge class (way to represent "94-'94!) 
Some had just graduated or were still active at Troy 
 But we still had that one common bond!  And this weekend we not only used it to come together and laugh, but we also came together to honor a fallen sister, Kathy, and give back to those sisters at Troy who are in need.  
 Thank you to all of you for reminding me why I joined ADPI, and why I love all of you in so many different ways.
 This weekend will always hold a special place in my heart - and so will all of you!
Until next year!  First and Finest! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

I've been "tagged" - My 5 things

One of my dear friends, Lauren, has officially "tagged" me in a fun new post. 

So here's to you Lauren, my 5 things (I mean really, did you think I was NOT going to talk about myself when asked?) ;)

1) My all time favorite movie is ...... Annie


To this day, I can not see this particular actor without my heart fluttering and I almost tear up!  Ok,just felt a tear

2) I've met Marky-Mark

That's right folks I've met good ole Mark Wahlberg!  When I was in college, my sister and I went backpacking through Europe.  While in Paris we saw Marky-Mark making a movie (The Truth About Charlie, which I have never watched therefore I have no clue what "kind" of movie it is).  Anyways, he was getting into an SUV and my sis and I started waving, he drove up to us, rolled down his windows and said "are you girls American?" which of course we responded with "uuuhhhh, yes" and he said hi and drove off.  There's my 15min of fame!

3) I love the sound of my own voice

What??  Ok, after years of my mother saying it - I can admit it, I love the sound of my own voice - so much so that I talk to myself all the time.  I know, I know, most people do this...but I was that girl who got so into it that while walking across campus I would look up and people would be staring at me b/c my lips were a moving and I was even using hand jesters....I was into it!  Alan would attest to this also, he'll be standing next to me and then just start laughing at me b/c he can tell that I am deep into a conversation....with myself!  That being said, I do like to talk out loud - but then again, anyone who knows me knows that all to well (working on that one!).

4)  My childhood "mishaps" are the stories that keep getting told

There are two "little" moments in my life that just keep getting told, again and again.   The most popular is the Bart Simpson doll episode.  I spent two weeks with my cousins in St. Louis, and one day for some reason (I'm sure I was being an annoying little cousin) my older cousin and I got into an argument.  So I grabbed his Bart Simpson doll (with the plastic spiked hair) and smacked him in the face. It left a nice bruise.  But it went away in a day or so.  So on the trip home, my cousin and his older sister sat in the back of their van applying make-up to it so I would get my due punishment.

The other has to do with me being 8, ballet slippers, and a glass coffee table......I hear that one every time one of my kids leans on that said coffee table :)

5) I didn't really like Alan when we first met...

Just kidding!!  I knew I would marry this man almost instantly!  I just had to take a deep breath, pray and make know b/c we waiting a long 6 months after meeting to get engaged :)  haha!  

Ok, here's to Lisa,, Cynthia,  - just a few of my FOCUS blogging buddies  your tagged :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Favorites "link up"

I'll have to be honest and tell you that until recently I had no clue what a "link up" was.  But one of my new favorite blogs Moxie Wife just started one called Five Favorites.

 How could I stop myself? :)
So here we go, my five favorites this week

1) Antibiotics

Ok, I know this one is a bit silly - but really it's my true #1 this week!!  I came down with a nasty, nasty case of Strep throat two weeks ago, got on antibiotics.......but it came back!  That's right folks two cases of strep in three weeks!  So now I am on a much stronger antibiotic, and therefore I am starting to feel like a human again

2) Birthdays

Three out of my four sweet babies celebrated birthdays recently - so knowing that we would invite the same people to all parties we just went ahead and had one big amazing party (I'm sure I will post about this very soon!)

3) Dr. Seuss

I mean HELLO, what mom of four wouldn't love the joy that comes along with Dr. Suess' birthday!  Stephen's school, like many I'm sure, celebrated all week ending with the Kindergarten class musical.  I know I'm completely biased, but it was uncontrollably cute!!!

4) Style, Sex, and Substance

 Style, Sex, and Substance
A few months ago I  traveled back to Mobile to enjoy a wonderful evening with a Catholic women's group.  The editor of this book, Hallie Lord, was the speaker...aka...Moxie wife.  I loved the idea of this book, I loved the simplicity of it, and I knew I had to do something about it!  So off I went back home and began reading it, then I started praying, and then that lead me to a friends house with a bottle of wine. :)  This was the beginning of a new Women's group at our Parish.

5) 3 buck chuck
It's ok, those that know what that is - I heard your giggle :)  3 buck chuck is a three dollar wine purchased at your local (or in my case, extremely not local) Trader Joe's.  Last time we were in Atlanta I made Alan pick up two cases (did I just admit that?)  So after a great run, when I'm not suffering from strep throat that is, I like to wind down with my buddy 3 buck chuck. :)  Here's to you chuck, may my body get better and we will meet again soon!

So, I hope I did that right :)  Have a wonderful week - I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon!
God bless