Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grandma's house

You gotta love Grandma's house, at least I know this family does! Right down to Augie, can you blame him - Grandma has a yard!
Abby might not look her usual happy self here - but what you don't see always counts - the dogs just had a licking feast on her face and I think she's sad they left

Ahhh, Stephen, gotta love Stephen! I know I do - and man he is growing up!! He loves heading over to Grandma's house and playing outside and exploring!!!

Well, I think Grandma likes it too to be honest with you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Leo in Black and White

Here's the B&W of Leo - so stinkin cute!!! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Babies, babies, I love babies!

I love babies - that's just a fact! Recently two friends of ours had twins, what a joyous occasion!!! Elizabeth and Greg Vetter welcomed their two sons Leo and Benedict last week; I can not even begin to explain the joy that these children have brought to their home and to so many others! Elizabeth and Greg have been praying for the gift of children for 8 years - and God blessed them with twins! Greg says he knew that would happen b/c they wanted to play catch up to the rest of us! He thinks he's so funny!!

Anyways, I love these two folks! Elizabeth helped me out so much when I was working and watched Stephen for me every week on Wednesday's for two years; so as a little thank you I promised her I would take some fun photos of the boys for her - so this post is for them! :)

The happy family! Ben is in the blue cap and Leo is in the lighter cap. Let me tell you Elizabeth deserves an award!!! She was amazing in delivery; well done!!!

Here's little Leo - they are so small I wanted to get a contrast with them in their Daddy's hand! So Stinkin cute!! I also changed this one to black and white and it looks awesome, I'll post that later :)

I knew they were small, but when I saw this shot of Greg with Ben I couldn't believe just how little he is. I love this one, there's this awesomeness in Greg's eyes; he's such a proud papa!

Here's Elizabeth and Leo - I can only tell them apart b/c Leo has hair and Ben looks like a turtle ;) I'm only saying that b/c Greg said it first.

This is just a fun little artsy shot of the two of them all swaddled up! Ok, all you ladies out there who are pregnant or might be in the future - check out what they are's called a Swaddle Me! The greatest thing in the world!!! Both Stephen and Abby lived in them the first 4 months in of their lives; I mean really babies are swaddled and can't really move in your womb for 9months of course they want to stay that way for a bit longer and get used to the big bright world! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Colorado - there I went, now I'm back

This past week I headed out to Colorado - first time back since I moved! I had a blast, really missed Alan and Stephen while I was gone, but I had a blast!

I headed into Denver late Wed. night - here's Abby asleep in her sling at the Atlanta airport right before we boarded. She is such a good, sweet little girl.

My dear friend Nikki picked me up late Wed. or you could think of it as early Thursday! :) And then we were off for a fun filled, busy, jam packed, four days! We started by heading over to Wendy and Kim's apartment for breakfast. It was such a joy to see them again, what amazing women they are!

Here is Nikki, Wendy, and Kim and Abby!

So I headed out to Colorado for my friend Shanna's wedding. Nikki came with me so I could be the reader, it was fun and I'm so glad I was able to go! Here's Nikki and Abby at the reception.

I had some free time one afternoon when Nikki was working so I loved the natural light at the apartment so I had to have a little photo shoot of Abby, she's such a great subject!

Here's my friend Shanna and her new husband Sean! God bless them! :)

I also got a chance to hang out with my dear friend Jenny - she was in town for a Theology of the Body conference, so I went over to her hotel for some breakfast. Such a beautiful soul!
I also got a chance to head up to north Denver to see my friends Elizabeth and Chris and their two wonderful kids - Johnathan and Catherine! I was having such a good time hanging out with them that I never got my camera out of the car :(
So we headed home yesterday (Monday), left Denver on a 10am flight with the possibility of getting home at 5:30pm. But if you saw the weather then you know that Atlanta got some serious rain - so our flight had to head off to Columbus GA, then back to Atlanta were we stayed until 2am. Abby was great though! This is a picture of her just hanging out at the airport! What a sweet girl!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's almost gone

Summer's almost gone - well kinda; it does last a bit longer her in Alabama!
So for fun we headed over to the fountains for one last time. We had a blast, we packed a picnic and Stephen ran around and around! :) I love summer!!

Abby had a blast watching Stephen, she is getting so big, and she is starting to get into everything! What a beautiful girl!!

The shutter speed was to low and it was really bright so this picture is a bit blown out - but you can see Stephen's look in his eyes! He is so funny!! He cracks me up :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some before and Afters

So I have truly enjoyed playing around with my new camera - and I love the pictures that I am able to take with them! :) Recently I've been working on understanding Photoshop a little bit better, and though I don't truly agree with altering pictures that much; I am having fun playing around with them. Especially since we needed a bright fresh picture for our bathroom and I wanted to take a picture of one of the flowers in our garden, but it was a bit cloudy, so I altered it a bit.
Here is the before

After - it's called Fresh and Colorful :)
Once again I messed up with the upload, this is the After shoot - a bit to much red I think but still fun!

And here's the Straight out of camera shot

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy get's a new jogger!

During our fun trip to Atlanta, Alan couldn't help himself and he went into REI. Now, neither Alan or I can go into that store without buying something, so this time Alan got the jogger attachment kit for our bike carrier. :) Then we got the infant seat for Abby! Stephen was having a rough moment, but he typically loves it! :)
Of course I had to take Augie with me :)

bye, bye Mama! I love this jogger, it is so light.