Saturday, September 26, 2009

Babies, babies, I love babies!

I love babies - that's just a fact! Recently two friends of ours had twins, what a joyous occasion!!! Elizabeth and Greg Vetter welcomed their two sons Leo and Benedict last week; I can not even begin to explain the joy that these children have brought to their home and to so many others! Elizabeth and Greg have been praying for the gift of children for 8 years - and God blessed them with twins! Greg says he knew that would happen b/c they wanted to play catch up to the rest of us! He thinks he's so funny!!

Anyways, I love these two folks! Elizabeth helped me out so much when I was working and watched Stephen for me every week on Wednesday's for two years; so as a little thank you I promised her I would take some fun photos of the boys for her - so this post is for them! :)

The happy family! Ben is in the blue cap and Leo is in the lighter cap. Let me tell you Elizabeth deserves an award!!! She was amazing in delivery; well done!!!

Here's little Leo - they are so small I wanted to get a contrast with them in their Daddy's hand! So Stinkin cute!! I also changed this one to black and white and it looks awesome, I'll post that later :)

I knew they were small, but when I saw this shot of Greg with Ben I couldn't believe just how little he is. I love this one, there's this awesomeness in Greg's eyes; he's such a proud papa!

Here's Elizabeth and Leo - I can only tell them apart b/c Leo has hair and Ben looks like a turtle ;) I'm only saying that b/c Greg said it first.

This is just a fun little artsy shot of the two of them all swaddled up! Ok, all you ladies out there who are pregnant or might be in the future - check out what they are's called a Swaddle Me! The greatest thing in the world!!! Both Stephen and Abby lived in them the first 4 months in of their lives; I mean really babies are swaddled and can't really move in your womb for 9months of course they want to stay that way for a bit longer and get used to the big bright world! :)

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Catholic Mommy to from home said...

What great shots. You did a great job on those. I ca't wait to see the black and white!
p.s thanks for reading my blog. I am having a ton of fun with it too!!