Thursday, April 3, 2014

Every baby(belly) is soooo different!

I know all of you are just dying to see a fun comparison of all my pregnancies, and though I know you are also sitting at the edge of your seat to read a detailed story of all births...... I'll hold off on that one :)  So for now, here's what you get.  Four baby belly pics - all about the same time in gestation, all soooo different!  Man my body has gone places I didn't think were possible! Haha!
 This is good ole Stephen!  39ishwks!  
I was so big and miserable at this point that I ran out and bought this bathing suit just so I could cool off in our cold neighborhood pool - I had him 8 days later :0 9lbs9oz
 Little Abby, 38wks - much better Jess!  Still 9lbs1oz!
 Whoa - hey lady how many babies you got in there?  Two, thank you :)
Twins 37wks :)  Jude: 7lb1oz, Cecilia: 6lbs11oz 
Our newest buddle of joy - Augustine, two days shy of 39wks.  
At 35 1/2 wks the ultra sound had him wieghing in at 5lbs9oz.....Alan and I don't believe it!  That would make him a pretty average size baby - and I promise, I'm doing all the same fun things I did with Abby's pregnancy.  

Just goes to show you, every baby, every pregnancy is different! :)
I hope and pray my next post will be very soon and will have pictures of little Gus!
Thanks again for all your prayers, love and support!!