Monday, September 27, 2010

How's your garden?

I've heard it said that you can tell how someone is feeling by how their garden looks - so how's your garden?

Well, mine is doing pretty good today! But I think that for me, if you were going to judge how I was doing, you should look at my blog :) Why, b/c I tend to only post when I've taken pictures, have the energy to come up with some semi-creative thoughts, and the house is calm enough for me to do it ;)So by this measurement, I would like to say that I think my "first" trimester is over, I'm doing pretty good. My energy is much better, my tummy is doing a bit better in the mornings (I can actually have coffee again!) And my patience....well God and I are still working on that one!! :)
So my question for you this Monday morning is this - What is your "garden" and how is it doing? Please leave a comment, let me know, if it's not doing so well then we can pray for each other! If fall and the crisp air has got you moving and grooving then share, and I'll still pray for you!!
As for my real is actually doing really great! The fall flowers are blooming, the weeds are gone and there is new mulch making everything look so nice and fresh. But I have to give Alan and Stephen credit for the weeding and mulching, thanks boys you did a great job!! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time flies by

Lately I've been thinking about many, many things - some I've shared with you some I have not. I think about the amazing miracle of twins, the scariness that someday's I just don't think i can handle Stephen anymore, and what will we do about educating our children (I would say pretty typical thoughts for any mom). One thing I read in a great Catholic parenting book (Parenting with Grace) is enjoy it. Enjoy it! ENJOY IT!!!! Time flies by!!!
Most people look at a young mother and say something like "enjoy it while it lasts, I wish I had." See the Popcak's explained that their goal is to enjoy every moment, push through the tough times, so when they're all grown up you'll say "enjoy every moment, b/c I did and it was completely worth it!"
I pray everyday that I will enjoy it - that I will stop thank God and push forward knowing that tomorrow Stephen will be one day older, he will never be the same tomorrow as he was today (even when the tantrums feel like they're the same).
I'm not perfect, I still ponder, pray, and cry about so many aspects about parenting - and I know I am just a beginner at this; but I truly pray that I will look back in 20, 30 years and say - I was so tired back then, but it was worth every moment, every sleepless night, everything, and I took complete advantage of it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A panic text message, and a good laugh

See a dear friend of mine is getting married in 3 1/2 weeks, and two nights ago I get a panicked text message that went a little something like this......."ummmm, is it ok that right before you get married you get in a horrible fight with you fiance about wedding planning?" I laughed and responded with a big YES!! The thing is when two people, like my friends, are living a chaste relationship, are striving for holiness in their own lives, praying for it in their future spouses, and planning on raising their family for Christ; well there is one "soul" out there that wants nothing to do with it......I'll give you a guess his name starts with D and ends with evil
I know for a fact that engagement, marriage, dating, raising a family and so on is difficult for everyone; but with Christ as our guide we have a peace and reassurance that we know the's still hard, it's just hard with faith and hope - don't forget love!
I laughed when she texted me b/c I remember my engagement - I always tell everyone that God gave Alan and I such peace about getting married b/c hard times where ahead (no not the marriage) the engagement. So I asked him if he remembers any silly fights right before the wedding, he too laughed as if to say "are you kidding me, how could I forget!" His thoughts immediately went to the house, he was living there all alone in a big house, no furniture, no wife, no dog, and I wouldn't let him touch a thing without me - not paint the walls that I already had the color picked out, nothing; I just wanted to be apart of it......WHAT WAS I THINKING????????? Anyways, God bless my friend, I know these next few weeks are exciting and hard, but it is all worth it - all the sacrifice to live a relationship as God intended is worth it!! :) I love you girl!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The things I've learned

Many years ago I was taught that if you want to be a good speaker then make up your own stuff, but if you want to be a GREAT speaker steal from others...... I figure the same principle applies to blogs also :) So over the past few days I've noticed my good friend Lisa's blog change, and then change again, and I kept telling myself - I really like this! So I'm stealing from her, I won't go as far as to become a just yet I might wait until we move and I can think of fun new name to really describe us then!
So if you want to check out and follow an awesome, entertaining and fun blog from a wonderful Catholic Mommy to 5 (her former blog title) please check her out at
So enjoy, I'm sure my header, background, and everything will change often! And thank you again Lisa for not only your creativeness that I could steal, but also your help in the middle of crazy hour at your house (and mine) while I had a momentary freak out b/c I totally messed up the blog for about 15 mins :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor day, three year olds, and naps

Here we are back from a wonderful vacation at my brother and sister-in-laws house. It was more than a vacation it was a break, a break from the heat, a break from some 3 yr old "activities" that for some reason when you swim all day doesn't have time to appear. So up to Huntsville we went, played and played, swam and swam, then packed up the car and headed home

I keep thinking to myself "can we go back now?" I mean was it the weather that calmed the 3yr old mentality, or the swimming, or the attention, or did I just not care? :)

Not matter what it was, it was a break! Now we're home, my body has decided that the first trimester has just begun again, and well Stephen has decided to make up for a weekend of joy and laughter....
All in all it's nap time now, please forgive me for the momentary breakdown - my hormones have decided to take over, I think I will go back to putting my feet up and thinking of different ways to "release" some of that much needed 3yr old energy :)