Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time flies by

Lately I've been thinking about many, many things - some I've shared with you some I have not. I think about the amazing miracle of twins, the scariness that someday's I just don't think i can handle Stephen anymore, and what will we do about educating our children (I would say pretty typical thoughts for any mom). One thing I read in a great Catholic parenting book (Parenting with Grace) is enjoy it. Enjoy it! ENJOY IT!!!! Time flies by!!!
Most people look at a young mother and say something like "enjoy it while it lasts, I wish I had." See the Popcak's explained that their goal is to enjoy every moment, push through the tough times, so when they're all grown up you'll say "enjoy every moment, b/c I did and it was completely worth it!"
I pray everyday that I will enjoy it - that I will stop thank God and push forward knowing that tomorrow Stephen will be one day older, he will never be the same tomorrow as he was today (even when the tantrums feel like they're the same).
I'm not perfect, I still ponder, pray, and cry about so many aspects about parenting - and I know I am just a beginner at this; but I truly pray that I will look back in 20, 30 years and say - I was so tired back then, but it was worth every moment, every sleepless night, everything, and I took complete advantage of it!

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The Little House That Grew said...

Amen Jess!!
I do to. Am I having ENOUGH fun??? Can you ever be having as much fun as possible??? Pete and I were just saying that having fun is sometimes really tiring too...It all feels like work somedays.