Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it really just now summer?

So the other day the weather man told us that is was the first day of summer - really, it's just NOW summer! Well, around here it's been summer for a while! How do I know when it's summer? My skin gets a little darker, my feet start having a strange white line that resembles flip flops, my toe nail polish will NOT stay on...
My children seem to sleep really, really well, and on occasion smell like chlorine for multiple days without a real bath.....(did I just admit that?)
And Stephen no longer swims with a vest!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This Father's day, we spent our morning with our Heavenly Father and then we went home! Alan has been hard at work at not able to be home very often. So when asked, all he wanted to do was be here with us! :) He is an amazing father, and here is just a little tribute video I made for him! Love you Alan!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A little perspective

It's all about perspective - especially when you are dealing with someone else and their emotions. That's a great lesson I've tried to learn over the past for weeks and more importantly over the last few days. Here's a great example.... Last night - Midnight to be exact my cell phone rings....SERIOUSLY!!!! IT'S MIDNIGHT PEOPLE!! This morning I noticed that this crazy person whom I thought I could have killed last night left a voicemail.....I was intrigued (the number had been blocked)........ I heard a voice, it sounded familiar almost memory grabbing - young, southern, and trying to be very quite..... It was a (and I'm guessing on the age of course) 11 or 12yr old girl prank calling me! I actually starting laughing
See I could be mad b/c she woke me up in the middle of the night just to do that - wake me up in the middle of the night. Or I could laugh and see it from her eyes, she was at a sleep over, trying to have some fun; and in this world a silly prank call seems innocent to me! So if I could give a bunch of girls a silly laugh, Right On!
What I love most, the fact that her voice sounded familiar and memory grabbing - Missy, not gonna lie girl it sounding like you when you were 11 or 12!!! LOL and I immediately starting thinking about the silly prank calls we did as little girls :)
So look at the next situation in a different way - like my flower, it's beautiful if you can't see the weeds and the bug eaten leaves surronding it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some things you just can't blog about

Sometimes in life you get an amazing opportunity, so amazing that as you are taking the pictures you are reminded to please not post these on facebook or anything like that....... Or maybe it's so special that even your wife and daughter aren't invited :)

Exciting, and long story short - Alan's buddy is in the Marine's; he is assigned to protect the President when he flies in a Helicopter.

Due to the oil spil, the President is down here on the coast and will need his helicopters to travel between the coastal states - Alan and Stephen were invited to go and check out the helicopters. Stephen got to sit in the pilots seat, climb over everything. Though he couldn't get on the exact helicopter the President will be on this trip he was able to get on the one that is identical and the President has used before! :)
As I daydreamed what my husband and son were up to, I started wondering what would I do if I had the chance to met the President - I would let him know I was praying for him; praying that his heart is open to Life. God Bless!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday ramblings

I thought I would change things up a bit today - not that I don't love my children more than I could have ever imagined; but maybe I should tell you a little something about me today. I'm a rambler! I ramble in my talk, my thoughts, my dreams, and my schemes..... did that even make since?? Lately, I've been rambling in my thoughts more than usual. My amazing husband has been kidnapped my Northrop Grumman shipbuilding; at least their paying the ransom :) But in that time more thoughts have gone through my head then I care to mention. Just to name a few.... the education of my children (homeschooling vs. all other options), my prayer life, our house, car seats.... and of course the oil spill.
This post I think will be a ramble on my prayer life and my family. I have been blessed with an amazing marriage based on Our Lord, His Church, and the beautiful amazing Sacraments Christ gave us and I want to do everything I can to make sure my children know Jesus and fall in love with Him as Alan and I have. But how? No really, moms.... how?? Daily Mass used to be a staple in my life, a Holy Hour was the norm not the miracle.
Stephen plays Mass at home, and I hope Abby will follow as she grows up; but I find myself desiring something more! Let me ramble a bit more for you - Over the past few weeks/ months I've been contemplating this. Ok, years! But more intensely lately, and I want my children to not only be raised by a Grace filled mother who shows them the love of Christ through all she does and says, but also I want them to Know Him (and I mean the biblical meaning of KNOW! - LOVE, CHERISH, UNDERSTAND, WORSHIP HIM) I unfortunately find that I'm not that Grace filled mother, I hope I can follow this up with a yet! As I pray and think about this, I know the answer to my question on how - Christ, the Sacraments The Eucharist!! Though I desire to take my children to Daily Mass, I know there might be seasons in our life where that is not always possible. So moms our there, what are some other great activities to do with toddlers at home?? Here's the heart of the matter if you want to know - the thing that has sparked this random ramble.....1)Alan's not here and I need someone to talk to so you have to listen :) 2) Stephen!

What do I mean when I say Stephen, well he is a very energetic, fun, full of life 3yr old boy. So as the days get longer and he gets more energy I'm constantly asking myself how to occupy his day, should I get a more rigid routine that involves a small curriculum...then I start thinking about schooling, then I think about the Religion part of school, then I realize and ponder if I am truly bringing Christ into our home as much as I should/want to?Ok, to end my Friday ramble here's what I've come up with; please post comments on all, or anything that I've written about - suggestions, questions, babysitters # LOL j/k!

1) Surround yourself with community! Amazing friends with children if possible who are striving for the same goal as you!! I have been blessed with amazing friends I might add!! Thank you Jesus!!

2) Pray, that should have been 1, so these are not in any sort of order!! Prayer must not only be my beginning, middle, and end of my day but my children should be brought into it (again, please thoughts comments, of course we say the blessing, pray at night, but any other thoughts ideas?? especially for toddlers)

3)Sacraments!! Christ Himself has given us these amazing Sacraments, so I know I must frequent them more often!! Grace is such an amazing gift from God and I know (but my heart must be reminded often) how important this is!!

4)Scripture, I must come to our Lord in prayer but also Scripture - Going over the Daily reading with my children might be a great way....but again toddlers?? Thoughts??

Ok - that's all I got for you tonight, I think my cookies are done, pj pants, milk, and some much needed chocolate here I come! :)

Thanks for listening!!