Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday ramblings

I thought I would change things up a bit today - not that I don't love my children more than I could have ever imagined; but maybe I should tell you a little something about me today. I'm a rambler! I ramble in my talk, my thoughts, my dreams, and my schemes..... did that even make since?? Lately, I've been rambling in my thoughts more than usual. My amazing husband has been kidnapped my Northrop Grumman shipbuilding; at least their paying the ransom :) But in that time more thoughts have gone through my head then I care to mention. Just to name a few.... the education of my children (homeschooling vs. all other options), my prayer life, our house, car seats.... and of course the oil spill.
This post I think will be a ramble on my prayer life and my family. I have been blessed with an amazing marriage based on Our Lord, His Church, and the beautiful amazing Sacraments Christ gave us and I want to do everything I can to make sure my children know Jesus and fall in love with Him as Alan and I have. But how? No really, moms.... how?? Daily Mass used to be a staple in my life, a Holy Hour was the norm not the miracle.
Stephen plays Mass at home, and I hope Abby will follow as she grows up; but I find myself desiring something more! Let me ramble a bit more for you - Over the past few weeks/ months I've been contemplating this. Ok, years! But more intensely lately, and I want my children to not only be raised by a Grace filled mother who shows them the love of Christ through all she does and says, but also I want them to Know Him (and I mean the biblical meaning of KNOW! - LOVE, CHERISH, UNDERSTAND, WORSHIP HIM) I unfortunately find that I'm not that Grace filled mother, I hope I can follow this up with a yet! As I pray and think about this, I know the answer to my question on how - Christ, the Sacraments The Eucharist!! Though I desire to take my children to Daily Mass, I know there might be seasons in our life where that is not always possible. So moms our there, what are some other great activities to do with toddlers at home?? Here's the heart of the matter if you want to know - the thing that has sparked this random ramble.....1)Alan's not here and I need someone to talk to so you have to listen :) 2) Stephen!

What do I mean when I say Stephen, well he is a very energetic, fun, full of life 3yr old boy. So as the days get longer and he gets more energy I'm constantly asking myself how to occupy his day, should I get a more rigid routine that involves a small curriculum...then I start thinking about schooling, then I think about the Religion part of school, then I realize and ponder if I am truly bringing Christ into our home as much as I should/want to?Ok, to end my Friday ramble here's what I've come up with; please post comments on all, or anything that I've written about - suggestions, questions, babysitters # LOL j/k!

1) Surround yourself with community! Amazing friends with children if possible who are striving for the same goal as you!! I have been blessed with amazing friends I might add!! Thank you Jesus!!

2) Pray, that should have been 1, so these are not in any sort of order!! Prayer must not only be my beginning, middle, and end of my day but my children should be brought into it (again, please thoughts comments, of course we say the blessing, pray at night, but any other thoughts ideas?? especially for toddlers)

3)Sacraments!! Christ Himself has given us these amazing Sacraments, so I know I must frequent them more often!! Grace is such an amazing gift from God and I know (but my heart must be reminded often) how important this is!!

4)Scripture, I must come to our Lord in prayer but also Scripture - Going over the Daily reading with my children might be a great way....but again toddlers?? Thoughts??

Ok - that's all I got for you tonight, I think my cookies are done, pj pants, milk, and some much needed chocolate here I come! :)

Thanks for listening!!


Catholic Mommy to from home said...

Time helps answer all these questions and more. Stephan is WAY TO YOUNG for any sort of curriculm. You will pull your hair out. He needs you, Alan, some good story time with you both and lots of situations that he is allowed to be his BUSY 3 year old self. Rituals in your day are always a good thing...breakfast, follwed by 15 minutes of trains, then to bath, then clothes, an outing ...ect... Things he can count on and predict are coming. This is your first go at all this Jess and you are learning as you go. You be a good Catholic living in God's Grace and Stephan and Abby will ge the most from THAT example..LoveYOU!!

Jim + Deb said...

Jess, I second Lisa's comments. There's no curriculum "out there" that can rival the curriculum that is in your heart. Having said that, your heart needs regular nourishment because you can not give what you have not got. So sneak in some spiritual reading whenever you can. If you're itching for a Bible study but can't work it into your schedule, try Beth Moore's online study called "Believing God." It's powerful.

As far as creating routine with preschoolers, I can say confidently that it will help YOU and therefore help Stephen and Abby. One tool I used was a "daily schedule" board I made with velcro-backed cards to place each day. On the cards I drew activities we could do: outdoor play, storytime, indoor chores, outdoor chores, play-dough, coloring, etc. Each day I would place the items that I knew needed to get done. Then I would invite Shannon (and later Daniel) to place a few activities they wanted. Then we all knew what would be happening each day.

God bless you, Jess.