Friday, June 18, 2010

A little perspective

It's all about perspective - especially when you are dealing with someone else and their emotions. That's a great lesson I've tried to learn over the past for weeks and more importantly over the last few days. Here's a great example.... Last night - Midnight to be exact my cell phone rings....SERIOUSLY!!!! IT'S MIDNIGHT PEOPLE!! This morning I noticed that this crazy person whom I thought I could have killed last night left a voicemail.....I was intrigued (the number had been blocked)........ I heard a voice, it sounded familiar almost memory grabbing - young, southern, and trying to be very quite..... It was a (and I'm guessing on the age of course) 11 or 12yr old girl prank calling me! I actually starting laughing
See I could be mad b/c she woke me up in the middle of the night just to do that - wake me up in the middle of the night. Or I could laugh and see it from her eyes, she was at a sleep over, trying to have some fun; and in this world a silly prank call seems innocent to me! So if I could give a bunch of girls a silly laugh, Right On!
What I love most, the fact that her voice sounded familiar and memory grabbing - Missy, not gonna lie girl it sounding like you when you were 11 or 12!!! LOL and I immediately starting thinking about the silly prank calls we did as little girls :)
So look at the next situation in a different way - like my flower, it's beautiful if you can't see the weeds and the bug eaten leaves surronding it!


Henry's Mom said...

That is hilarious! Since you loved it so much (and I am up all hours of the night) maybe I'll give you a ring and use my best little girl voice : - )
I was thinking about our pranking days while reading that before I even got to the part about you thinking the same thing!

Andrea said...

I love that! Especially about your flower...I loved the pictures. I need that. Thank you!!