Saturday, August 28, 2010

The joy of siblings!

I've always known I wanted children - how many, well that's up to God. Right now I have two in heaven, two out of my womb, and two in my womb - I think that's pretty much amazing! And until know, most of what I've witnessed is Abby the little sister following her big brother around and him pushing her down (I was the little sister, so I understand this) :)
Then there are random moments like this, they just click - toys are removed from and area and they play a silly game with just the two of them - then Abby cries (I'll give you a guess why ;) ) But joy is brought to my heart when I remove Abby from the situation and Stephen screams "No mama, bring her back, I want to play with Abby"
So they run off and go bang on their poor pathetic dog's kennel :( Thank God for siblings, I pray they will be each other's best friend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And I'm back!

First, a minor disclaimer to all my amazing Colorado friends - I love you all and I'm so sorry I didn't see you while I was out there. I truly just flew in to host a shower for Nikki and flew home; I miss you all so much!! But yes it's true, I went out to Colorado and had a great time! I think when I got home I wasn't quite prepared for what was to come - I missed my children, they missed me, I missed my husband, he missed me..... I don't think I missed my dog - until he almost died!
See I returned home, my amazing husband left work early so he could be home when I got there, the kids and I had some fun times together and we were all ready for dinner. So less then an hour after I got home Alan ran off to get us dinner, he received a phone call while he was gone...
He had left Augie (our dog) at his mothers house while I was gone and on his exciting rush home to see me he forgot to pick him up; no worries this happens - but this time for some reason while Augie was at Alan's mom's house he pawed at the glass door a bit to hard and broke one of the small windows. When Alan arrived it was a mess, Augie was hurt very badly and the bleeding wouldn't stop. So off to the late night Emergency room for dogs.... hours and hours later and one surgery Augie was ready to come home. He had severed a major artery, and torn a tendon and some muscles. Now the poor dog has the "cone of shame" around his neck and has to have limited movement for four weeks -and with our exciting children that means, when the kids are around he's in the kennel :(

Poor little guy, poor Alan, I know he was a tired guy the next day! But other than the random craziness when I returned I had a great time, great food, and great fellowship with Nikki and all her family! God Bless Nikki and Ryan as the prepare for their Marriage!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No purse

See, I've had the amazing gift to be with my children (at least one of them that is) every night except 1 since the day Stephen was born!! I've loved it, but with that gift comes some complications... No purse being the main one at this moment. See I'm off to Colorado for three days to host a shower, and well I have some really cute diaper bags - but really no purses anymore.
What is a girl to do in this situation, I'm not sure to be honest with you, I know I'll pack a little purse I use for date nights with Alan but as for something substantial for the airport we'll just see.... I'm sure I will survive the purse issue
I'm not so sure I'm going to survive missing these cutie pies for three days! My world kinda revolves around them, they tell me when to sleep, eat, watch cartoons (maybe I can go a few days without those!) So say a prayer for me and them, we will all be missing each other for sure!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello there!

I feel like the summer has flown by (and yet there is still a heat index of 106 today). The saddest thing - I'm starting to think that over the past few weeks I just haven't had it in me to really share it all with you. See my brain doesn't work, bottom line, end of story.... I have no words, no real thoughts, I just stare at my blog and then go upstairs and go to sleep :)
But i did finally download some recent pics of our awesome cousins that came down to the beach - so I of course wanted to share that with you!
Stephen loves playing with his cousins, they're his age and no matter what they'll always be there - b/c they're family! :) It's funny though, b/c these cousins are like Stephen 4th cousins; but we grew up with them and now my children will grow up loving and playing and spending their summers with them like we did! :) We miss you Rhodes family!