Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello there!

I feel like the summer has flown by (and yet there is still a heat index of 106 today). The saddest thing - I'm starting to think that over the past few weeks I just haven't had it in me to really share it all with you. See my brain doesn't work, bottom line, end of story.... I have no words, no real thoughts, I just stare at my blog and then go upstairs and go to sleep :)
But i did finally download some recent pics of our awesome cousins that came down to the beach - so I of course wanted to share that with you!
Stephen loves playing with his cousins, they're his age and no matter what they'll always be there - b/c they're family! :) It's funny though, b/c these cousins are like Stephen 4th cousins; but we grew up with them and now my children will grow up loving and playing and spending their summers with them like we did! :) We miss you Rhodes family!

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