Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 You know it's been awhile since you blogged (or did anything with your pictures on your computer) when you go to download your pictures and there is well over 500 pictures! 
 So this blog is an ode to our wonderful Christmas, that we are of course still celebrating
 So stick with me as I make up something interesting to say as you scroll down a very random selection of pictures - please have mercy on my little tired soul, after a long car trip and realizing that I had so many pictures to go through I have not edited any of them.... one day I might :)
 So this Christmas we had an amazing opportunity to go up to Gatlinburg with Alan's family, we had a blast!  The kids loved seeing all their family members and their older cousins (they are well into their teens, and one is out)
 It was a wonderful trip, one that I hope at least Stephen will remember
 But this morning we got up and headed home :( after a long night of poor Jude the dude getting sick and mommy making sure he was ok to sleep before crawling in bed for a little bit, we got up and headed out before the sun rose (but not before Starbucks opened)
 So after a short discussion Alan and I decided that Jude was most likely just reacting to some mucus and all that fun stuff and he must not have a stomach bug..... so I gave him breakfast......I'll stop going into detail at this point
 So after an adventurous start to our trip we continued on our way
 Poor little Jude spent the most of the day sleeping off whatever is bugging him and I spent the trip wishing I could get to some more clothes.......(there was a nasty smelly bathroom involved in another stop on our way that added to that desire)
 But by the Grace of God we made it home with plenty of daylight left for Alan to clean out the van and the kids get the travel wiggles out! 
 Isn't that life, after a wonderful week in the mountains all I can come up with is the icky moments in the van...... let's see if I can end this post on a high note!
 There we go, these next pictures will do the trick for sure!  While we were there it SNOWED! (could someone please remind me next time my children see snow for the first time that if I sit them down for a scenic picture to make sure that someone is NOT standing behind them - b/c they will only sit still for one picture, even with a fast camera!)
 Up at the top of the mountain, there was enough snow for Stephen to make a snow ball - he has wanted to do that for as long as he's known about them (ok, that's not very long) He even got a chance to chunk a few right off the mountain!
And my sweet Abby was just so full of joy  - she just couldn't believe her little eyes!  What a great moment for everyone!!!

I promise I might post some for my favorite pictures from the week after I do some editing!!  Oh, I did get my new lens :)  Yippee for me!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something's missing

 So as I was going through my pictures and looking over past blog entries I happened to notice a very sad pattern....
 Cecilia and Abby seem to be missing from the majority of these things
 So this morning, while big man Stephen is at his Mimi and Poppi's, I took a very quick photo session of the girls
 And of course I caught Abby trying so hard to be sweet and loving
 But Cecilia just doesn't agree with her approach
So happy Wednesday!!  I am very late on cards this year :( I ordered them and long story short I had to reorder them, so hold tight that one awesome family photo is almost on it's way to your house :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One proud mama!!

I would like to take a brief moment of your time to show off my littlest girl!  Though rolling over at 9 months is not much of a milestone "accomplishment" to the rest of the world, around here it is!!!  See Miss Cecilia has not been able to keep up with her brother very much, after we hit 6 months and they started to reach for things we realized that she was having trouble with her left side.  So I tried to do some things I knew to do and keep an eye on it until we went back to the Dr.  At her 9 month apt our pediatrician recommended we went to physical therapy for some more observations and all that comes with that. 

So after one visit, and tons of fun filled exercises Cecilia did it!!!  I am so proud of her!!  Though we still have a little road ahead of us to get her left side moving and grooving, her instant ability to strengthen her side is such a sigh of relief for me. 

Thank you Jesus!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek at our lovely Christmas picture.....this would be one of 113 I took....most look like this :)  But One, oh yes one where NO ONE is crying, the light isn't completly blown out and we might even have a few smiles :)

So if you've moved in the last year, yes that's you I'm talking about, please email me or message me on facebook your new address!!!  You don't want to miss the final product!

Hello there

 I think on a few occasions I've mentioned "survival mode". Well, that's what we've jokingly called our life for the past 9 months.  Not b/c we are unhappy, or not making it - but b/c the maximum we could do around here is survive :) 
 Having four amazing gifts from God under the age of four for a bit was wonderful, but I'm glad that's over!!  So we've been finding our groove, trying to stay ahead of the laundry pile (not very good at that one) getting everyone fed, then again, and of course trying our hardest to keep the inside of this house decent b/c we are still trying to sell it :) - so that's survival mode
 But these little angels are growing and getting more and more independent (well, as much as a 9month old can be).  They are playing together, moving all around to get toys they want, reminding me to vacuum every 10 mins :)
This weekend might have officially marked the end of survival mode!!!  Why might you ask??  Well, one of the signs of our crazy, fun filled life has been our yard - it has been severely neglected over the past 9 months.  
So this weekend we did it!  The twins had an amazing nap while we tackled the weed infested front yard and got it looking like we actually want to sell this thing!! :)  So to me, I say we are official done just surviving!!  Thank you Jesus and all our friends and family who have helped us get here!!! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Perspective

 So Alan has this job - he designs ships.  People often ask me what he does and I try to explain it and then laugh my very silly self out of it by saying "oh, it's just all Swahili to me." And it is! 
 When Alan comes home from work I ask "so how was your day?" (b/c that's what good wife's do, right?)  Most days he knows just how little I get what he does, and he really has no desire to relive some very tense stressful moments that don't belong in our home, so he says "I'm just so glad to be home" or "it was busy, but I got a lot done."

Period, end of story, let's move on to eating and finding out why there are four very small people screaming right now. 

But some days he'll say something like "oh, I just designed an analysis for a lift of a panel......"

"Wwhhaat" I think to myself, as I smile and lovingly hand him a baby and then continue to think "Swahili, Swahili, Swahili"

"Yea," he continues on "we have to lift a panel of the ship and move it"..blahh, blahh, blahh

"Um, honey, I mean really - it's a heavy duty piece of something that you designed, it can withstand missals and stuff, can't you just hook a crane up to it and just move the thing already"

"Of course sweetie, of course" with a singe of sarcasm that I of course ignored (or didn't hear) and then that's it, it's all still just Swahili to me!
So this past weekend Alan tells me that they are opening up the facility where they are building, lifting, and flipping all these panels and stuff that has been his work life since I've known him.  So of course I jumped at the opportunity to see where my husbands second home is and I knew Stephen would love, love, love it!!

Off we went, and as we walked in Alan began pointing out these "panels" and sure enough I thought - Swahili Swahili, hello I knew it, that thing can totally be picked up and moved, why as he been so stressed?  Man this guys needs a day in my life!

Then, Alan led us to The Hanger and Deck House of this ship - these two main key components that all those other things where going onto.  My jaw dropped, my heart sank, my mind was blown away

"ummmm, sweetie, you do WHAT???"

Alan smiled, realizing he made the right decision bringing me there
"Alan, is that massive, large thing in front of me the thingie that you designed a thing for other people to know how to pick it up, flip it over, and set it down over there?"  I'm very technical about my words!

He smiled, got really into explaining everything to me (which was awesome, but if I told you I'd have to kill you) and then from behind the barricade he was called away.  Off Alan went to check on something, and Stephen was left to play with the security guard that was very aware that this little mischievous red head wanted nothing more than to jump that gate and build a ship with his daddy!

So as Sunday morning (um really I would call it Saturday night, since it was 3am) came and Alan woke up to head into work (first time on a Sunday since we've been married :( ) I knew just how amazing what he was doing was!
As Alan supervised and spoke some more Swahili to the other amazing men and women that day, I prayed for them, and prayed for them. 

It's just amazing what a little perspective can do! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Magical trip - part two

 I wanted to add a special post to say that this amazing, wonderful, fun filled trip could not have been possible without these two amazing, wonderful, fun filled people..... my parents :)
 Thank you Mom and Dad!  You guys made the trip stress free, and so much fun!!!  We love you and can't wait to do it again!
Abby and Stephen say hello :0, actually this is the only way I could get a picture of them in their new T-shirts, and Stephen is turning Abby into a dinosaur :)  Love them!!

P.s. a public service announcement, I know my pictures have been a little, well, not very good lately; but we are slowly moving out of survival mode, which means maybe some more fun picture taking!!  Right now, my goal is to get my amazing children's life documented - period. :)  That's about what I have time for, and well that's really all they'll stay still for! LOL  Oh and I am saving up for a new lens..... can't wait to get that in a few months!!!  That might just be the inspiration I need and watch out! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a trip! Be warned, more pictures than words!

 I've decided that a non-stop, constant go go vacation is what God made this family for!!  We had a blast!!  From the moment we entered the Magic Kingdom until the moment we collapsed in our beds on the last night!
 We threw caution (and our routine) to the wind, and went in with a very optimistic mind set - we were going to have fun!!  And we did!!  (of course, throwing our schedule out the door almost killed my minor OCDness; but after a day I noticed I was the only one who minded so I let go)
 Stephen of course was a big help......... haha
 I think the twins inherited my people watching disease and just enjoyed the cool air and the people, ahh the people!
We hit the parks running, we moved from one ride to the next - and loved every moment!!
I'd like to take a brief break to mention this shirt was purchased b/c Abby had gone through two other outfits already on day 1!  She just really wanted a Mickey Mouse shirt I guess!!
We had to make time to dine with our dear friends Goofy, Donald, and Minnie
Ohh Minnie, Abby loves her so.  It actually reminds me of my strange love of Donald Duck - which was reignited when he approached our table at breakfast - soooo oddd, and yet so cute!
After a wonder day off at our resort where we rested up by swimming all day :)  We had to head over to Universal Studios!!  And of course - the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter
I'll be honest - we had an amazing time - but after the experience at Disney I felt that Universal had a lot missing!  The kids had fun, we had fun - but there just wasn't that Disney feeling. 
Now please note that Stephen and Abby are not ones to just fall asleep anywhere - this my friends is a sure sign of complete exhaustion!!  Ahhh, to me I would say these are signs of success!!
Lunch time nap for Minnie and her new best friend Abby
Cecilia not really into a nap, but more squinting at her daddy flashing his camera at her during a very exciting parade!
But of course like all things, this to must end :)  The trip was great, the kids loved it, and I even got to read a book!!  Dear Pioneer Woman, it was your book - I loved it, and I know you are not reading this :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So long, so long!

 I don't even know what my title means.... but what I think I wanted to say was something like - it's been so long, I miss talking to all of you out there, hope you're doing well! :)
 Around here, well busy would be the best word for us.  We have been up to a little this and that, but let's face it four little ones keeps a mama movin!!
 One evening when Alan got home from work I looked over (as I was putting a twin in a high chair, realizing that we where now feeding solids and things were changing again) and I mentioned "do you think there will be an "easy" stage with twins?"  Not that feeding them is "hard" but that day, looking at how my perfected routine was going to change again and that Alan and I hadn't figured out how to feed them dinner and eat dinner ourselves - I just wondered if there was an easy stage. 
 That being said, our lives have changed again with eating, crawling (Jude) scooting (Cecilia) babies and it's of course wonderful - but those first moments of routine change are well a bit difficult for a minor control freak like myself :)
All in all things around here are finally getting into a groove, a constant motion kinda groove, but a groove at least.  (did I say groove enough to convince anyone??)  :)
Well, things are actually moving from what we've called the "survival" period.  So much so that we have a fall full of fun mini vacations, and one major vacation..... I'll let you all in on that one - but I'll give you a little clue.... Miscka, Mooska......(did I even spell that right?)
Keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours!