Saturday, October 1, 2011

So long, so long!

 I don't even know what my title means.... but what I think I wanted to say was something like - it's been so long, I miss talking to all of you out there, hope you're doing well! :)
 Around here, well busy would be the best word for us.  We have been up to a little this and that, but let's face it four little ones keeps a mama movin!!
 One evening when Alan got home from work I looked over (as I was putting a twin in a high chair, realizing that we where now feeding solids and things were changing again) and I mentioned "do you think there will be an "easy" stage with twins?"  Not that feeding them is "hard" but that day, looking at how my perfected routine was going to change again and that Alan and I hadn't figured out how to feed them dinner and eat dinner ourselves - I just wondered if there was an easy stage. 
 That being said, our lives have changed again with eating, crawling (Jude) scooting (Cecilia) babies and it's of course wonderful - but those first moments of routine change are well a bit difficult for a minor control freak like myself :)
All in all things around here are finally getting into a groove, a constant motion kinda groove, but a groove at least.  (did I say groove enough to convince anyone??)  :)
Well, things are actually moving from what we've called the "survival" period.  So much so that we have a fall full of fun mini vacations, and one major vacation..... I'll let you all in on that one - but I'll give you a little clue.... Miscka, Mooska......(did I even spell that right?)
Keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours! 

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Christy said...

Hi Jessica! I feel the same right now, only transitioning to two kids. Shannon has been eating rice cereal for a few weeks now and it's almost time to add some more solids (next week!). By the time she and Scott are done eating I realize I've hardly had anything to eat myself! I'm also trying to figure out Shannon's nap and nighttime schedule (she likes to go to sleep after midnight even if we put her down at 8). It's always fun to catch up so thanks for posting! Sending prayers for you and your beautiful family! Love, Christy