Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry I've been gone, here's some news though.....

Many of you know the wonderful and amazing news...... I'm pregnant!!!! What you might not know is that we had an ultrasound today. I was waiting, patiently for the ultrasound, the sweet sound of a heartbeat to share the news with all of you........ but Instead of one heartbeat, there is TWO!!!!
That's right, the Maddox family has gone from a family of four to a family of SIX! :) We are so thrilled, and on cloud nine right now......I just keep thinking it's time to sell this house!! :)
Some more details for all of you - it's Fraternal, so not identical. The due date is March 11th, though with twins I will most likely not go full term. Mommy and babies look great, they are the same size. We are just thrilled!!! God Bless you all! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet moments

This summer has flown by, full of hot days filled with days at the pool, sprinklers, swimming in the bay, playing with all our friends, and now we'll put camping on our list for this summer Needless to say Abby's a bit worn out :)
Not Stephen though! He was having a blast with Mr. Mike when we went camping with my parents (in a pop-up) and a breezy beach (oil-less lagoon I should say). Summers not over so I'm sure there's still more fun to come!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do you do when there's an oil spill?

You party with Jimmy Buffet, that's what you do! :) You gather up a big handful of guys who've known each other since Kindergarten -
Their wives, a generator, and there's a party on the beach - all day!
The beach was crowed, full of tourist, boats everywhere, and the best part - everyone was spending money with the local businesses! Success!! Thanks so much Jimmy Buffet for an awesome day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey, Hey, what a day!

So here's the deal - my brain seems to be out of words today; we'll discuss that later on though. Today I'll try to gather a few words to entertain you as you check out these awesome pictures of our awesome 4th of July Celebrations! A little over 2 yrs ago, Stephen met his soon to be best bud, although sometimes they fight like brother and sister, and I'm sure they think they're brother and sister, but I know that deep down there is a best bud love....
Then about 16 months ago, Emma's other best bud was born. Abby seems to be the friend that Emma can be a girl with, she doesn't have to worry about trains flying at her head, or star ships crashing into her castle, nope - Abby just wants to play very calm and sweetly with Emma
But at the end of the day, Stephen and Emma end up making up and moving on Abby never seems to mind, she rather enjoys the attention of everyone else And Stephen and Emma just keep together most of the day Until the fireworks are over, and daddy is there to take him away