Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey, Hey, what a day!

So here's the deal - my brain seems to be out of words today; we'll discuss that later on though. Today I'll try to gather a few words to entertain you as you check out these awesome pictures of our awesome 4th of July Celebrations! A little over 2 yrs ago, Stephen met his soon to be best bud, although sometimes they fight like brother and sister, and I'm sure they think they're brother and sister, but I know that deep down there is a best bud love....
Then about 16 months ago, Emma's other best bud was born. Abby seems to be the friend that Emma can be a girl with, she doesn't have to worry about trains flying at her head, or star ships crashing into her castle, nope - Abby just wants to play very calm and sweetly with Emma
But at the end of the day, Stephen and Emma end up making up and moving on Abby never seems to mind, she rather enjoys the attention of everyone else And Stephen and Emma just keep together most of the day Until the fireworks are over, and daddy is there to take him away


marie said...

sweet blog! you have a beautiful family.

Henry's Mom said...

Love the pic of Alan & Stephen walking away holding hands. Can't wait to see David & Henry like that... melts my heart!
Sweet story too - you have a gift.