Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stephen gets a big boy bed!

Ok, so I can never remember that this blogger site posts the pictures in the opposite order that I select! Crazy!!! So, here is Stephen's first night in a big boy bed - in reverse

Right before bed, Stephen ready to go in his Lightning McQueen bed! :) He was a bit upset the first night and cried for about 20mins when we left the room, but he never got up out of the bed!! We'll see how long that lasts!

Right before he got ready for bed - :) Such a proud little guy!
Alan has been working really hard to get the house put together so we can sell it and move, so Stephen has been watching him fixing things and working on the house almost every weekend! So now whenever there are tools he picks them up and I say "whatcha doing Stephen" and he responds with either "I'm fixing it" or "I'm just working mama" :) Such a cutie!! So here he is helping his daddy to "fix" the bed - side note if my brother is reading this - yes this is your old bunk bed :) Thanks for the loan!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Atlanta bound

So the weekend began with me getting up, letting Stephen sleep in and then he headed downstairs and I guess I just didn't get giving him breakfast just quick enough b/c Stephen reached up on the countertop and grabed the cereal, sat down and just took care of it himself.....um I thought since I was now home all the time these kind of things shouldn't happen. So on to the Atlanta trip we went - drove through the night; greatest decision ever!!!! Both kids slept almost the entire way there!!

Daddy and Abby hanging outside Stephy and Mack's house
Stephen, being, well.... Stephen :)

Isn't Abby so stinkin cute! Even when the rare moment happens that she is not smiling

Fun times on the slide!

Little Layla K McLaughlin! Such a sweetie, she was a bit sick this weekend but we still got some smiles out of her!

Layla loved playing with Abby! Fun times outside, man Alan and I need a yard!

We can't forget daddy! Such a good lookin man!

Daddy also taught Stephen how to yell into the fan to make your voice sound funny!