Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little contest

So a few years ago I said "one day I'll change the name of my blog and become cool, one day."  The only problem with this is I'm just not creative - hence the blog name....maddox family.  Although, that's a pretty good name too :)
That being said, I would like to reach out to all 3 of my readers and say - hey what's a fun name?  We've moved out to the country, we're ever growing, we love our Catholic faith, we're silly, we're loud, and so on and so on.... 
 Leave a comment on the page, or on facebook, text me, call me (I love adult conversations during the day!), email me - maybe this is just a shameless plea for adult communication ;)
Here's the kicker.....it's a CONTEST!!!!  If I choose your title, you will receive a prize.  What is the said prize?  Well, I don't know.  But it could be something as amazing as getting the opportunity to watch my children for our Anniversary date, or a homemade wooden sign, cookies, an awesome new book....I'll just have to think about this one for a bit.  :)  

Good Luck!!  And really, really, thank you!!  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who we be....(link up)

SHEENA!!  This is a mother's dream come true..... you want me to talk about my kids, and then link up and  everyone can read it?  You got it girl, I'm on this!  Now, I must take a deep breath and only pick one picture for each child.....slow deep breaths, I can do this!

throw back pic of Stephen, it was just to perfect to not share again!
 This picture just might say it all!  Stephen is all Stephen all the time!  When he was a baby someone asked Alan how we knew when he was tired.  Alan simply replied "when he stops moving."  

I often tell people when explaining Stephen's amazing personality is that Stephen gives the world all that God gave him....all day, then crashes out of pure exhaustion!  What's really funny is that I always told people Stephen was an "easy" baby.  Once Abby was born my mom smiled and said, "you kept thinking Stephen was laid back and easy - I didn't want you to know the truth, if you thought that was easy then that's great."

 Then along came Abby!  Oh sweet Abby, we immediately nicknamed her "sweet girl!"  From her awesome nursing skills, to sleeping well, Abby was very laid back!  Abby was so different from Stephen I was blown away!  She is still sweet and snugly!  (don't worry she fits in around her with the noise and tantrums!) She is very much like me when it comes to sleeping, she really doesn't want to miss a thing - so at the first sound of a noise in the house she is up, I love those precious moments with her!  

 When I first found out I was pregnant, of course I was pumped!  I noticed immediately that something was different   I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired!  I thought, well this is what it's like having a 1yr old, 2yr old and being pregnant. But jokingly I would tell people, "somethings going on here, I bet I'm having twins..haha"  I would smile and all would giggle and then I would think to myself "these people think I'm being silly - but really something's different!"  

Well the ultrasound proved that I was right!  I saw two bodies, but the tech didn't say a word.  I made a noise, looked at her and said - is that what I think?  (I was smiling from ear to ear!)  She laughed and said yep, just wanted to make sure everything was fine before telling you.  Alan looked at me, then her, then back at me and said "What are y'all talking about?"  she said TWINS!  Alan laughed out loud and was grinning like the proud papa he is.  The tech just looked at us, we brought Stephen and Abby to the ultra sound, and said "wow, what a reaction, most dads just sit down in silence at this point."  Not my man!  We were ready and willing for this adventure!

First came Cecilia, she too is very sweet and loving!  She loves her mama, I mean, she really loves me!  When she was a baby she wasn't as fussy or needy as Jude (he cried a-lot!)  but as she got older she just wanted me, and wanted me and wanted me.  Don't get me wrong I love it, I know she won't always be like this, but that's her!  She has started to develop a very playful personality, she is silly in a very gentle and delicate way (except when someone takes something from her or I leave her eyesight, then watch out world).  

Last, but most certainly not least is Jude...the Dude! (9 mins later)  This kid is hilarious!  I mean they all are in there own way, but he has the smile and eyes to go with his BIG personality!  He is very much like Stephen, he gives the world all God gave him...and then some!  He is a lover too.  One minute he is running through the house screaming and taking down bad guys with his brother and the next he is giving me (or Cecilia) the biggest bear hug and kiss ever!  Love it, love it, love it!

Now one thing all my children have in common is their noise level!  I have to admit, this comes from me.  I am not a quite person, not in the least.  They will all let anyone that is near know that they are there, and that they do not mind at all if you stop everything you are doing and give them the proper attention.  Three out of the four look just like their daddy, but there is no doubt that they act and sound like me!!

Thanks for reading, now skip on over to the ever sweet and amazing mother of another set of twin.........

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Favs - link up

1) Awesome free stuff!!! 

Ok, I do love these new shoes!  They are awesome, but I love the fact that a small local running company (Tri Hard Sports) gave these away as a door prize..... and I received that door prize!  Makes getting out and running a little bit more fun! (b/c nice, new running shoes where going to be my birthday present.... now maybe I can get those rocking chairs!!)

2) Letting loose and having fun! 
 Some of those out there may not believe me when I say that there are many times that I have a hard time letting go and letting my kids be....well...kids.  But I do! I am so scared that I will spoil them, or they will get hurt.  That being said, I am slowly, slowly learning to just get over the mess and let them splash in the mud, and do other extreamly silly things at the most random times!!  Making memories!!

3) Brother Francis

 So I just ran across this website the other day on Pintrest.  I was working on a project for Abby (that I am so excited to share with all of you if I ever finish) and I ran across this!  The kids are loving the coloring pages, and though we haven't purchased any DVD's yet the kids can't get enough of the little previews on the computer - and some of my FOCUS friends tell me their kids are in love with this program!!

4) Not sure what to tittle this one

 So I don't really think this falls under the typical "favs" but I need 5, and the coffee hasn't kicked in!  This pic of Jude from a t-ball game just makes me smile!  His zeal for life is so refreshing!  I hope and pray that he keeps it and continues to teach me about all the joys and love that everyday brings!  (It's amazing how God gives us children to teach us!!  I mean really, all four kids have such different personalities and they are all teaching me about life and loving God!)

5) The flip pic option on the iphone

Last week Stephen had a rough week at school.  He looked sad and depressed while I was volunteering in his class one morning (and that is sooooo not his personality).  So what did I do??  I checked that kid out of school right before lunch, scooted him and his siblings to the nearest McD's with a play area and proceeded to spill my tea on my iphone. :)

The phone did come back to life after a day, but we needed a good excuse to change service providers, and become true MS residents with a new number.  That being said I am a new iphone 5 owner.  My favorite feature is how the camera flips back and I can take pics of me and the kids!!!  (yes, I had an old iphone3G so I didn't have that neat-o option).  If you asked my kids this would be their favorite feature too, b/c my phone has been taken over by random blurry pictures of them! :)  Love it!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Beauty and the Beast and the neurologist.

 Tuesday we had our quarterly neurologist apt for Cecilia.  So what does a mom think about on a day like this?  Three of the four kids in the van, driving to Mobile for what will most likely be a 10 min apt then back again and missing nap-time and just getting home to pick up a 5 year old from the bus and head to Walmart with all four kids..... surprisingly enough I didn't think of any of that. I had extremely deep thoughts and revelations about..... The Beauty and The Beast (Disney edition of course)
 Hasn't everyone thought about this?  :)

Well, today's rants on the very loved movie will not concentrate on the fact that the entire movie is based on a very poor mathematical skills (listen to the first song and do the math).  Instead, lets look at Belle today.
 First I would like to say that I love this movie!  But Tuesday I couldn't help but think "Belle, you spoiled brat!"
Seriously though, she spends the entire opening song mocking the people in the town that she resides in for being "poor country people."  The movie shows them working, blowing her off b/c they have to provide a living for their families, and then a sad little scene where a mother doesn't have enough money to buy the eggs she needs for her children.  And Belle?  Well, Belle is twirling around reading.  Not that reading is bad, its wonderful.  But really, what does she want?  She wants a leisurely life where she can have adventure and carefree-ness.  She doesn't want to work for this adventure, and she looks down on those that do.  And then if we take a minute to think about her age, based on the rest of the movie, - she's most likely of the age to work and be a productive part of her town. So what can we learn from this, what was the point?  Nothing :). 

That being said, I still can't help but sing along with all the songs, and laugh when my children do. :)  I do love the movie, but a mom's gotta think about something while a movie is being blared through the van for the 100th time....  I think I have officially heard more movies than watched them.  

Ok, maybe next post will actually have some intelligence with it! 

ahh, Cecilia you ask?  Well, she is doing great!  The Dr. said he is very happy with her progress and I should be very happy too! And I am!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Empty thoughts

 Well blogging has taken a back burner for the last two weeks, sorry!  To say the least, things have been rather busy!  Flying off to New England to celebrate my Memere's life was a very emotion time.  It was so wonderful to spend that time with my family and say goodbye.  It was harder than I thought, but I was reminded how amazing big families are!! 
Once I landed safely back in the South, it was non-stop Easter prep.   
 While I was away sweet Stephen got sick :( (hated being away, but Alan and an amazing friend Trisha Lyons was here to help!)   That being said, this ickyness spread through the house, and poor Daddy has the last bit of it.  ... I really need some good multi-vitamins!!  
Here I sit, wanting to write and amazing post that will captivate you and keep you coming back for more..... and really all I have are empty thoughts.  But really cute pictures to go with those thoughts!  
Happy Easter and spring!  This family is so joyful that the weather is nice, the yard is big, and we get to be together!!