Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Five Favs - link up

1) Awesome free stuff!!! 

Ok, I do love these new shoes!  They are awesome, but I love the fact that a small local running company (Tri Hard Sports) gave these away as a door prize..... and I received that door prize!  Makes getting out and running a little bit more fun! (b/c nice, new running shoes where going to be my birthday present.... now maybe I can get those rocking chairs!!)

2) Letting loose and having fun! 
 Some of those out there may not believe me when I say that there are many times that I have a hard time letting go and letting my kids  But I do! I am so scared that I will spoil them, or they will get hurt.  That being said, I am slowly, slowly learning to just get over the mess and let them splash in the mud, and do other extreamly silly things at the most random times!!  Making memories!!

3) Brother Francis

 So I just ran across this website the other day on Pintrest.  I was working on a project for Abby (that I am so excited to share with all of you if I ever finish) and I ran across this!  The kids are loving the coloring pages, and though we haven't purchased any DVD's yet the kids can't get enough of the little previews on the computer - and some of my FOCUS friends tell me their kids are in love with this program!!

4) Not sure what to tittle this one

 So I don't really think this falls under the typical "favs" but I need 5, and the coffee hasn't kicked in!  This pic of Jude from a t-ball game just makes me smile!  His zeal for life is so refreshing!  I hope and pray that he keeps it and continues to teach me about all the joys and love that everyday brings!  (It's amazing how God gives us children to teach us!!  I mean really, all four kids have such different personalities and they are all teaching me about life and loving God!)

5) The flip pic option on the iphone

Last week Stephen had a rough week at school.  He looked sad and depressed while I was volunteering in his class one morning (and that is sooooo not his personality).  So what did I do??  I checked that kid out of school right before lunch, scooted him and his siblings to the nearest McD's with a play area and proceeded to spill my tea on my iphone. :)

The phone did come back to life after a day, but we needed a good excuse to change service providers, and become true MS residents with a new number.  That being said I am a new iphone 5 owner.  My favorite feature is how the camera flips back and I can take pics of me and the kids!!!  (yes, I had an old iphone3G so I didn't have that neat-o option).  If you asked my kids this would be their favorite feature too, b/c my phone has been taken over by random blurry pictures of them! :)  Love it!



Jennifer Sagel said...

My kids love Brother Francis! Some friends just got us a video and all four of our kids ages 2-9 love it!

Michelle said...