Friday, April 19, 2013

Beauty and the Beast and the neurologist.

 Tuesday we had our quarterly neurologist apt for Cecilia.  So what does a mom think about on a day like this?  Three of the four kids in the van, driving to Mobile for what will most likely be a 10 min apt then back again and missing nap-time and just getting home to pick up a 5 year old from the bus and head to Walmart with all four kids..... surprisingly enough I didn't think of any of that. I had extremely deep thoughts and revelations about..... The Beauty and The Beast (Disney edition of course)
 Hasn't everyone thought about this?  :)

Well, today's rants on the very loved movie will not concentrate on the fact that the entire movie is based on a very poor mathematical skills (listen to the first song and do the math).  Instead, lets look at Belle today.
 First I would like to say that I love this movie!  But Tuesday I couldn't help but think "Belle, you spoiled brat!"
Seriously though, she spends the entire opening song mocking the people in the town that she resides in for being "poor country people."  The movie shows them working, blowing her off b/c they have to provide a living for their families, and then a sad little scene where a mother doesn't have enough money to buy the eggs she needs for her children.  And Belle?  Well, Belle is twirling around reading.  Not that reading is bad, its wonderful.  But really, what does she want?  She wants a leisurely life where she can have adventure and carefree-ness.  She doesn't want to work for this adventure, and she looks down on those that do.  And then if we take a minute to think about her age, based on the rest of the movie, - she's most likely of the age to work and be a productive part of her town. So what can we learn from this, what was the point?  Nothing :). 

That being said, I still can't help but sing along with all the songs, and laugh when my children do. :)  I do love the movie, but a mom's gotta think about something while a movie is being blared through the van for the 100th time....  I think I have officially heard more movies than watched them.  

Ok, maybe next post will actually have some intelligence with it! 

ahh, Cecilia you ask?  Well, she is doing great!  The Dr. said he is very happy with her progress and I should be very happy too! And I am!


Lauren said...

Bonjour! haha! I am totally with you on the analyzing of movies while listening to them while driving! And so glad Cecilia is doing great!!

Bruce Springsteen said...

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite musicals and will never miss a show so have ordered discount Beauty and the Beast tickets from to see the show live!