Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why I run, and how you can help!

 So here's the deal, I am not a runner!  I have never been one.  I ran b/c my coach told me to - and that's about it!  Since I no longer have a coach and my pants seemed to be getting tighter and tighter I started running for exercise (and Alan would tell you it makes me a little nicer person)
 This weekend I ran my second 5K!  I know it wasn't fast, but it was most certainly my personal best! But that is not the reason for this post.  I was waiting to gain the courage to commit to something else..... a Half Marathon.  WHAT AM I THINKING????  I have never run more than 4miles at a time.  That being said, there are a few more reasons why I've been running these days.  As a mom, I have a need to do something - to take this energy for Cecilia and do something with it.  I can't take her hemorrhage away, I can help her, and help her I do, but I can not fix what has happened.  What I can do though is run.  I can run for children that can not run, I can run to raise awareness of organizations, hospitals, children, I can run to maybe one day look at my children and say "look, don't stop, work hard, push yourself, you can do it and I'll do it with you."
So at this moment I have not committed to a particular race, I have mentally committed to a weekend that has two races in it and I have started training.  But I'm in a mental battle.  Why am I doing this?  I think I just told you, but the whole idea of a half marathon came b/c I was looking to run for United Cerebral Palsy (b/c they are an amazing organization that helps any child with a disability or limitation!) and I ran across a race for a half marathon and I thought - "I can't do that, I don't want to do that!" then I said "One day Cecilia will tell me she can't do something and she doesn't want to, and I will have to prove her wrong!"  Anywho, that race is over 6hrs away and there is another one in New Orleans for the Children's Cancer hospital, and lets be honest - that too is an awesome thing to raise money for! 
 No matter which race I do, I am committing myself to help UCP.  
  So many families out there don't know there is help for them, whether large or small. They struggle to help their children in the best way they can and there are so many outlets for these children and resources for their families! Cecilia would not be where she is today if not for her private therapist, we are blessed to provide that for her. Not everyone can do that, and I want to help in anyway I can. I will be running a race in January for UCP of Mobile, please keep your eyes open for that and any other race or fundraiser that you and your family might want to participate in! Thank you so much.
So, it's out there, I can't back down now......ahhhhhhhh - please help me with this!  I'm going to try and put something on the blog to show that I am training, please keep me motivated.  Ask me on facebook how training is going, shoot me a message, anything to remind me this is not about me!  (for something that's not about me, I sure wrote a lot of "me" in that sentence!) :)
*****For my running friends*****
HELP!!! I have a training program I found online, but if you have any other websites, books, anything that you can direct me to so that I can be better prepared, be a better runner, learn running techniques so I don't get hurt, anything please let me know!!!  Thank you!! :)  You can message me on facebook or email me if you want!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

He is tooooooo little for this!!

 So today was the day, I am sitting here.... patiently waiting to go get my baby from his first day of school!!!
 I went out to get a new book to read and start a tradition, and I kept running across these books about being nervous and scared.... well those where not the books for us!
(sorry, this picture is too cute to leave out, and yet I can't get it to rotate!) Anyways, little guy was so excited that he basically ran into school this morning.  I hope that enthusiasm for education continues for the rest of his life!!!