Monday, August 10, 2009

Atlanta bound

So the weekend began with me getting up, letting Stephen sleep in and then he headed downstairs and I guess I just didn't get giving him breakfast just quick enough b/c Stephen reached up on the countertop and grabed the cereal, sat down and just took care of it I thought since I was now home all the time these kind of things shouldn't happen. So on to the Atlanta trip we went - drove through the night; greatest decision ever!!!! Both kids slept almost the entire way there!!

Daddy and Abby hanging outside Stephy and Mack's house
Stephen, being, well.... Stephen :)

Isn't Abby so stinkin cute! Even when the rare moment happens that she is not smiling

Fun times on the slide!

Little Layla K McLaughlin! Such a sweetie, she was a bit sick this weekend but we still got some smiles out of her!

Layla loved playing with Abby! Fun times outside, man Alan and I need a yard!

We can't forget daddy! Such a good lookin man!

Daddy also taught Stephen how to yell into the fan to make your voice sound funny!

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Hummingbird said...


It is so wonderful to tune in to your blog and see you, Alan, the kids and other family members.

You two are doing a great job. I'm so happy you get to be a stay at home Mommy! Finances may go down but quality of life goes off the chart!!

Money ain't everything!!

You guys keep up the good work. I love all the pictures :)

Aunt Becky