Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry I've been gone, here's some news though.....

Many of you know the wonderful and amazing news...... I'm pregnant!!!! What you might not know is that we had an ultrasound today. I was waiting, patiently for the ultrasound, the sweet sound of a heartbeat to share the news with all of you........ but Instead of one heartbeat, there is TWO!!!!
That's right, the Maddox family has gone from a family of four to a family of SIX! :) We are so thrilled, and on cloud nine right now......I just keep thinking it's time to sell this house!! :)
Some more details for all of you - it's Fraternal, so not identical. The due date is March 11th, though with twins I will most likely not go full term. Mommy and babies look great, they are the same size. We are just thrilled!!! God Bless you all! :)


Cynthia said...


Congratulations! Twins!? How exciting. Many prayers your way mama ;^)

Catholic Mommy to from home said...

What a wonderful bit of news to wake up to!! How awesome Jess!!!

Julie said...

YAYAYAYAY!!!! So excited for you! you are such an amazing mom that you will handle this too with such grace!