Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello there

 I think on a few occasions I've mentioned "survival mode". Well, that's what we've jokingly called our life for the past 9 months.  Not b/c we are unhappy, or not making it - but b/c the maximum we could do around here is survive :) 
 Having four amazing gifts from God under the age of four for a bit was wonderful, but I'm glad that's over!!  So we've been finding our groove, trying to stay ahead of the laundry pile (not very good at that one) getting everyone fed, then again, and of course trying our hardest to keep the inside of this house decent b/c we are still trying to sell it :) - so that's survival mode
 But these little angels are growing and getting more and more independent (well, as much as a 9month old can be).  They are playing together, moving all around to get toys they want, reminding me to vacuum every 10 mins :)
This weekend might have officially marked the end of survival mode!!!  Why might you ask??  Well, one of the signs of our crazy, fun filled life has been our yard - it has been severely neglected over the past 9 months.  
So this weekend we did it!  The twins had an amazing nap while we tackled the weed infested front yard and got it looking like we actually want to sell this thing!! :)  So to me, I say we are official done just surviving!!  Thank you Jesus and all our friends and family who have helped us get here!!! 

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