Saturday, August 28, 2010

The joy of siblings!

I've always known I wanted children - how many, well that's up to God. Right now I have two in heaven, two out of my womb, and two in my womb - I think that's pretty much amazing! And until know, most of what I've witnessed is Abby the little sister following her big brother around and him pushing her down (I was the little sister, so I understand this) :)
Then there are random moments like this, they just click - toys are removed from and area and they play a silly game with just the two of them - then Abby cries (I'll give you a guess why ;) ) But joy is brought to my heart when I remove Abby from the situation and Stephen screams "No mama, bring her back, I want to play with Abby"
So they run off and go bang on their poor pathetic dog's kennel :( Thank God for siblings, I pray they will be each other's best friend!

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