Monday, September 27, 2010

How's your garden?

I've heard it said that you can tell how someone is feeling by how their garden looks - so how's your garden?

Well, mine is doing pretty good today! But I think that for me, if you were going to judge how I was doing, you should look at my blog :) Why, b/c I tend to only post when I've taken pictures, have the energy to come up with some semi-creative thoughts, and the house is calm enough for me to do it ;)So by this measurement, I would like to say that I think my "first" trimester is over, I'm doing pretty good. My energy is much better, my tummy is doing a bit better in the mornings (I can actually have coffee again!) And my patience....well God and I are still working on that one!! :)
So my question for you this Monday morning is this - What is your "garden" and how is it doing? Please leave a comment, let me know, if it's not doing so well then we can pray for each other! If fall and the crisp air has got you moving and grooving then share, and I'll still pray for you!!
As for my real is actually doing really great! The fall flowers are blooming, the weeds are gone and there is new mulch making everything look so nice and fresh. But I have to give Alan and Stephen credit for the weeding and mulching, thanks boys you did a great job!! :)


Henry's Mom said...

Glad to hear your garden is overflowing w/ love & energy ; - ) Miss you here in GA. Fall festival was good, but HOT!!!
Gonna mail you some baby boy "punk rocker" shoes for Hank's "Lil" Hank soon. They were my Henry's (but have not a scratch on them - HA!) So, will this be a Hank III?

The Little House That Grew said...

Hey My Little Jess!!
Hope to see you soon. I am glad you are feeling better..I miss you man!!

Julie said...

Oh, my garden is growing as my patience grows thinner!! I am ready to have this baby!! And I keep losing my patience with everyone around me! I will keep you in my prayers and PLEASE say an extra prayer of patience for me! God bless!