Sunday, September 12, 2010

The things I've learned

Many years ago I was taught that if you want to be a good speaker then make up your own stuff, but if you want to be a GREAT speaker steal from others...... I figure the same principle applies to blogs also :) So over the past few days I've noticed my good friend Lisa's blog change, and then change again, and I kept telling myself - I really like this! So I'm stealing from her, I won't go as far as to become a just yet I might wait until we move and I can think of fun new name to really describe us then!
So if you want to check out and follow an awesome, entertaining and fun blog from a wonderful Catholic Mommy to 5 (her former blog title) please check her out at
So enjoy, I'm sure my header, background, and everything will change often! And thank you again Lisa for not only your creativeness that I could steal, but also your help in the middle of crazy hour at your house (and mine) while I had a momentary freak out b/c I totally messed up the blog for about 15 mins :)

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The Little House That Grew said...

Thanks man!! It looks great and I will try and think of names for you too. Love the pictures!!