Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A panic text message, and a good laugh

See a dear friend of mine is getting married in 3 1/2 weeks, and two nights ago I get a panicked text message that went a little something like this......."ummmm, is it ok that right before you get married you get in a horrible fight with you fiance about wedding planning?" I laughed and responded with a big YES!! The thing is when two people, like my friends, are living a chaste relationship, are striving for holiness in their own lives, praying for it in their future spouses, and planning on raising their family for Christ; well there is one "soul" out there that wants nothing to do with it......I'll give you a guess his name starts with D and ends with evil
I know for a fact that engagement, marriage, dating, raising a family and so on is difficult for everyone; but with Christ as our guide we have a peace and reassurance that we know the's still hard, it's just hard with faith and hope - don't forget love!
I laughed when she texted me b/c I remember my engagement - I always tell everyone that God gave Alan and I such peace about getting married b/c hard times where ahead (no not the marriage) the engagement. So I asked him if he remembers any silly fights right before the wedding, he too laughed as if to say "are you kidding me, how could I forget!" His thoughts immediately went to the house, he was living there all alone in a big house, no furniture, no wife, no dog, and I wouldn't let him touch a thing without me - not paint the walls that I already had the color picked out, nothing; I just wanted to be apart of it......WHAT WAS I THINKING????????? Anyways, God bless my friend, I know these next few weeks are exciting and hard, but it is all worth it - all the sacrifice to live a relationship as God intended is worth it!! :) I love you girl!!


Henry's Mom said...

What a sweet, inspiring post ; - ) BTW, luv the new blog look - very pretty!

Nikki said...

I love you so much my dear will always be an inspiration to me!