Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Colorado - there I went, now I'm back

This past week I headed out to Colorado - first time back since I moved! I had a blast, really missed Alan and Stephen while I was gone, but I had a blast!

I headed into Denver late Wed. night - here's Abby asleep in her sling at the Atlanta airport right before we boarded. She is such a good, sweet little girl.

My dear friend Nikki picked me up late Wed. or you could think of it as early Thursday! :) And then we were off for a fun filled, busy, jam packed, four days! We started by heading over to Wendy and Kim's apartment for breakfast. It was such a joy to see them again, what amazing women they are!

Here is Nikki, Wendy, and Kim and Abby!

So I headed out to Colorado for my friend Shanna's wedding. Nikki came with me so I could be the reader, it was fun and I'm so glad I was able to go! Here's Nikki and Abby at the reception.

I had some free time one afternoon when Nikki was working so I loved the natural light at the apartment so I had to have a little photo shoot of Abby, she's such a great subject!

Here's my friend Shanna and her new husband Sean! God bless them! :)

I also got a chance to hang out with my dear friend Jenny - she was in town for a Theology of the Body conference, so I went over to her hotel for some breakfast. Such a beautiful soul!
I also got a chance to head up to north Denver to see my friends Elizabeth and Chris and their two wonderful kids - Johnathan and Catherine! I was having such a good time hanging out with them that I never got my camera out of the car :(
So we headed home yesterday (Monday), left Denver on a 10am flight with the possibility of getting home at 5:30pm. But if you saw the weather then you know that Atlanta got some serious rain - so our flight had to head off to Columbus GA, then back to Atlanta were we stayed until 2am. Abby was great though! This is a picture of her just hanging out at the airport! What a sweet girl!

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