Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Favorites "link up"

I'll have to be honest and tell you that until recently I had no clue what a "link up" was.  But one of my new favorite blogs Moxie Wife just started one called Five Favorites.

 How could I stop myself? :)
So here we go, my five favorites this week

1) Antibiotics

Ok, I know this one is a bit silly - but really it's my true #1 this week!!  I came down with a nasty, nasty case of Strep throat two weeks ago, got on antibiotics.......but it came back!  That's right folks two cases of strep in three weeks!  So now I am on a much stronger antibiotic, and therefore I am starting to feel like a human again

2) Birthdays

Three out of my four sweet babies celebrated birthdays recently - so knowing that we would invite the same people to all parties we just went ahead and had one big amazing party (I'm sure I will post about this very soon!)

3) Dr. Seuss

I mean HELLO, what mom of four wouldn't love the joy that comes along with Dr. Suess' birthday!  Stephen's school, like many I'm sure, celebrated all week ending with the Kindergarten class musical.  I know I'm completely biased, but it was uncontrollably cute!!!

4) Style, Sex, and Substance

 Style, Sex, and Substance
A few months ago I  traveled back to Mobile to enjoy a wonderful evening with a Catholic women's group.  The editor of this book, Hallie Lord, was the speaker...aka...Moxie wife.  I loved the idea of this book, I loved the simplicity of it, and I knew I had to do something about it!  So off I went back home and began reading it, then I started praying, and then that lead me to a friends house with a bottle of wine. :)  This was the beginning of a new Women's group at our Parish.

5) 3 buck chuck
It's ok, those that know what that is - I heard your giggle :)  3 buck chuck is a three dollar wine purchased at your local (or in my case, extremely not local) Trader Joe's.  Last time we were in Atlanta I made Alan pick up two cases (did I just admit that?)  So after a great run, when I'm not suffering from strep throat that is, I like to wind down with my buddy 3 buck chuck. :)  Here's to you chuck, may my body get better and we will meet again soon!

So, I hope I did that right :)  Have a wonderful week - I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon!
God bless


Hallie @ Moxie Wife said...

Ha! 3 buck chuck. I love it!

Thanks so much for joining in (and for all your sweetness)!

Lauren said...

I love the first pic of you and the kids- beautiful!

Lisa said...

so, i wrote this long comment and it didn't take!

Love Trader Joe's! And two buck chuck!

Your dedication to running is inspiring!

I feel ya on the strep -- I had strep and the flu AT THE SAME TIME a few months ago. Have never been so sick!

If you can't seem to beat the strep, have your dr check for mono. I couldn't knock out strep once and it was because I had mono (that I got from the daycare I worked at, the mom knew her kids had mono and brought them in and didn't tell anyone!)

Love following you on your blog!

Ana said...

Love these! My girls would be so jealous of those cake dolls- it is one of their favorite parts of going to the grocery store going to the bakery and staring at the cake doll- so cute.

I just found your blog, though I know we're both good friend's of the Johnsons, great to finally e-meet you!

Jeannine said...

Antibiotics are a modern miracle -- not silly at all!

Those cakes - all 1, 2, 3 of them - are gorgeous!

And I am jealous of your TJ wine. Can you believe that in my state, you cannot purchase wine at places where food is sold? I know, this is nuts. Beer ok, though. WHAT?

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Ah I love Trader Joe's everything.
Also, antibiotics during strep is such a huge blessing. Strep is the worst!

pioneercynthia said...

Oooh! Loved this. Antibiotics, oh that's a really good one. Naturally, you only think of it when you need it.

I did this too: http://wp.me/BKyJ