Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh rainy days!

 When I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Pintrest, I promised myself that I would actually try somethings that I pinned.
 I not only wanted to share one of my kids favorite activities, but I wanted to share the reality of it too :)  
 On Pintrest, there's this great picture of a young boy with bright vibrant colors, where his mom says "he played with this for hours one day while it was raining."  Here's my experience   Yes, my children would play with this for hours - but be prepared!  Go to Sam's club, buy the $6 13lb bag of baking soda, and get the $3 jug of vinegar at walmart, so inexpensive for so much fun!  
What I found, was that almost immediately my older children mixed the colors and just had a bunch of browns after just a few moments.  Cecilia and Jude loved it, but I had to fill the medicine dropper for them and still they just squirted it really fast.  After a bit, the older kids' pan was used up and they were getting restless with the idea - so we progressed to "mini" volcano's.  The first time, I just grabbed a used paper towel ring and cut it up.  But then I made salt clay volcano's so we could use them over and over again.  I mean really, what's more fun than watching that!! :0

Here's the "recipe" if you will:
baking soda
vinegar (for colors just drop a little bit of food coloring in little containers)
medicine droppers (I couldn't find a package to purchase, so the pharmacy at Walmart gave me 4!)
any pan
Have fun

Salt Dough (for any fun occasion, like crown of thorns, homemade ornaments, volcano's)
2cups flour
1/2cup salt
warm water (mix it in a little at time)
bake at 350 for 1hr

Happy rainy days!

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Sheena said...

putting this one in my back pocket for later :)