Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey Jude!

 So, little Jude got a little sick the other day - and well, I really wanted to work on getting a good picture in poor lighting.... so look who got to be my subject.  Really, it was an almost perfect scenario (other than the fact that the little guy wasn't feeling good of course).  But around here, we don't have a lot of moments where someone stays completely still and you can use a bit of a slower shutter speed
 Don't worry, he bounced back beautifully the next morning!  It also brings up another question.... is it bad to think your child is super cute when their sick?  I couldn't help but melt inside when he followed me into his room, begged for his puppy and blankie and then headed back to the couch.  He wasn't moaning or anything, just very gentle and loving......what a guy!
 I have noticed though that I haven't taken to many pictures these days, so I am trying very hard to keep my camera near and get on the ball around here
 Jude was not thrilled with the idea
 Cecilia tried to comfort him....
 He thought he was fooling me (but I saw that smile)
ahhhh, and 2 mins later Jude gave me the shot of the day!

Happy Fat Tuesday!  The Maddox house is busy, busy, eating all the cookies we can get our hands on and then talking up a storm about Lent and Ash Wednesday.  Once everyone wakes up from their naps we are going to make "bury the Alleluia" signs. I found a great, fun activity at Catholic Icing.  You should head over for some fun ideas!

May you all have a peaceful and prayerful Lent!  

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Lauren said...

Beautiful pics! And no, it is not bad to think they are so cute when they are a little sick. I love it how cuddly they are and want you to hold them all day. :)