Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why not?

So 2013 has put a little perspective in my life - to say the least!  We've had a few bumps and tears, but in the end God is control and I know all will be ok!
Last week, I needed to run to my parents to pick up Alan's suit and as I was getting everyone together I thought to myself "why not check Stephen out of school for this?"  Ever since he started school, he doesn't see my parent's as often as before, and that's just not right!  I also knew that if I grabbed him out of school, we would have more time with my parents and not feel the need to rush back to MS so I could be home for the bus.
 Off we went, Stephen's surprised face was priceless (mainly b/c he thought I was checking him out to go to the dentist! haha)
We had a carefree afternoon, trying to find wind in my parents backyard and just enjoying each other.  Isn't that what being a child is supposed to be about?  Isn't that why we wanted to stay close to our family and not move to TX when we had the chance last year? 
 At the end of the day family is so important!  We don't know what tomorrow holds, so this family is going to step back and make more time for all those we love!  

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