Friday, March 8, 2013

I've been "tagged" - My 5 things

One of my dear friends, Lauren, has officially "tagged" me in a fun new post. 

So here's to you Lauren, my 5 things (I mean really, did you think I was NOT going to talk about myself when asked?) ;)

1) My all time favorite movie is ...... Annie


To this day, I can not see this particular actor without my heart fluttering and I almost tear up!  Ok,just felt a tear

2) I've met Marky-Mark

That's right folks I've met good ole Mark Wahlberg!  When I was in college, my sister and I went backpacking through Europe.  While in Paris we saw Marky-Mark making a movie (The Truth About Charlie, which I have never watched therefore I have no clue what "kind" of movie it is).  Anyways, he was getting into an SUV and my sis and I started waving, he drove up to us, rolled down his windows and said "are you girls American?" which of course we responded with "uuuhhhh, yes" and he said hi and drove off.  There's my 15min of fame!

3) I love the sound of my own voice

What??  Ok, after years of my mother saying it - I can admit it, I love the sound of my own voice - so much so that I talk to myself all the time.  I know, I know, most people do this...but I was that girl who got so into it that while walking across campus I would look up and people would be staring at me b/c my lips were a moving and I was even using hand jesters....I was into it!  Alan would attest to this also, he'll be standing next to me and then just start laughing at me b/c he can tell that I am deep into a conversation....with myself!  That being said, I do like to talk out loud - but then again, anyone who knows me knows that all to well (working on that one!).

4)  My childhood "mishaps" are the stories that keep getting told

There are two "little" moments in my life that just keep getting told, again and again.   The most popular is the Bart Simpson doll episode.  I spent two weeks with my cousins in St. Louis, and one day for some reason (I'm sure I was being an annoying little cousin) my older cousin and I got into an argument.  So I grabbed his Bart Simpson doll (with the plastic spiked hair) and smacked him in the face. It left a nice bruise.  But it went away in a day or so.  So on the trip home, my cousin and his older sister sat in the back of their van applying make-up to it so I would get my due punishment.

The other has to do with me being 8, ballet slippers, and a glass coffee table......I hear that one every time one of my kids leans on that said coffee table :)

5) I didn't really like Alan when we first met...

Just kidding!!  I knew I would marry this man almost instantly!  I just had to take a deep breath, pray and make know b/c we waiting a long 6 months after meeting to get engaged :)  haha!  

Ok, here's to Lisa,, Cynthia,  - just a few of my FOCUS blogging buddies  your tagged :)


Lauren said...

Yay! Love these! I don't think I knew that you met Marky Mark- so funny!

Lisa said...

these were great!! #3 is really funny! and how awesome that you got to backpack through Europe! with, of course, a bonus Marky Mark sighting ;) He's Catholic, too!

Thanks for tagging me! I may have blushed at the honor :)