Monday, March 11, 2013

You can take a girl out of Troy, but not the Troy out of a girl!

This weekend I had the great opportunity to participate in our first ever ADPI EK reunion!  I know, I know, some of my readers are thinking.... oh great a sorority post... but what I have to say is so much more! 
After 10+ years of not seeing some of these ladies I was reminded that what we formed was a true genuine friendship!  My soul needed this! I think I can speak for most of us there and say that in our everyday lives we get into a rut, not a bad one, but a rut none the less.
 I think we get up, we love our families, we give back to our communities, we laugh with our friends and spouse - but sometime we need to be reminded that even though we have grown and matured we are still the same silly girl God intended us to be!
 These amazing women hold a place in my heart that will always be there, one that makes me who I am today.  One that makes me laugh until I cry, with just a simple "look" across a table.  
 So this weekend, over 100 women from around 2 decades of pledge classes, came together in fellowship.  Even though we haven't seen some in many, many years, we have a common bond, one that lasts a lifetime.

 Some women were roommates, neighbors, housemates, best friends.
Some shared the same pledge class (way to represent "94-'94!) 
Some had just graduated or were still active at Troy 
 But we still had that one common bond!  And this weekend we not only used it to come together and laugh, but we also came together to honor a fallen sister, Kathy, and give back to those sisters at Troy who are in need.  
 Thank you to all of you for reminding me why I joined ADPI, and why I love all of you in so many different ways.
 This weekend will always hold a special place in my heart - and so will all of you!
Until next year!  First and Finest! :)

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Lauren said...

That is so wonderful and beautifully said!