Friday, March 22, 2013

A "Glorified" moment - on a bike

So I had a moment last night.  And I'm having a hard time visualizing it for all of you! Haha!
As I put our dinner in the oven then stepped outside, I had a sudden need to fill the air in my bike tires and dust off the pollen.  The kids thought it was awesome to see mommy ridding her bike!  I needed a moment to myself, so I headed down our street, got up some speed and did this:

It was one of those moments that only lasted a mil-a-second, but I felt God, I had a vision, and a deep reflection.  Again, all in a mil-a-second.  :)

In that short moment I felt the beauty and freedom of Christ.  I then saw my Memere.  But I didn't see her as I knew her.  I saw her and my Pepere like this:

See, as we approach Holy Week our minds and hearts and getting excited for Easter, for all that we've prepared for during this Lent.  And as I thought of my grandparents, in what I could only guess to be the highlight of their youth (I mean look at those eyes, mischievousness I see!), I thought of them and their "glorified bodies".  I look as those eyes, and I see joy, and love, and something that just speaks to me.  I see Heaven.  I see two people who were apart for 38 yrs, now in their glorified state, looking down on all of us and letting us know that this is what Christ has for all of us.

When Christ resurrected, He was glorified.  As we all  hope to be.  We are called to reflect on this, to strive for Heaven and all that God has done for us here on Earth.  This has truly been a deep and emotional Lent for me and my family.  I am constantly in awe as to what Christ has in store for us. 

Have a happy and holy - Holy Week!

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