Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

So I've been working on a post for a while now, but to be honest my time and my heart has not been with it.  And just this afternoon, I thought I would link up with Hallie once again for Five Favorites, but as I began typing I received a phone call.  I was expecting this call, this is why my heart has not been into posting much - b/c all I wanted to do was tell the world how much I love my Memere.  So here I am, my heart sad and relieved all at the same time.  My Joan of Arc has left us, she has gone to be with Our Lord.
Jeanne d'arc Murphy - Joan of Arc - my Joan of Arc!
 I would like to take a short moment and let you all know that this woman was AMAZING!
 Jeanne Murphy, Memere as I knew her, was a strong, prayerful, loving, beautiful, and caring woman. 
 She loved all her babies, and made all of us feel as if we were her favorite.  
 This wonderful woman held her faith close to her heart and prayed for me when I didn't care, or know that she was doing so. 
 In the silence of her room, in the presence of Our Lord, she prayed for my soul.  She asked God to guide me to be a better woman, to be like her.
I am honored to call her MY Grandmother, MY Memere!
Thank you Memere, for your gift to this world!  For saying Yes to life, for having 7 children, for spreading your love to all of us. 
 I am honored to tell the world that her prayers led me closer to Christ.  And that I was able to show her that through my life, with my family.  
 I love you Memere.  I will miss you.  I am happy to know that you knew Christ, and today you are with him.
Pray for us, my Joan of Arc!

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Lauren said...

Beautiful post Jess! Thank you for sharing!