Thursday, December 20, 2012

OH Cinnamon rolls, how I love you!!

 When we first looked at this house I walked right into the kitchen and imagined myself making these yummy Cinnamon rolls on these wonderful long counters!
 Like all good things, I had to wait until the right opportunity and the perfect helper!
 Once Advent came around, I knew I must get these delious rolls made and ready for our first Christmas morning at our own house.  These rolls are amazing, freeze well, and are so easy to pop out and warm up for any occasion!  These Cinnamon rolls are the Pioneer Woman's recipe - and they are unforgetable!!!  Like I told my friend yesterday "if I can do it, anyone can do it!"
What I love most (ok, second to the yummyness) is that this recipe makes a ton of rolls, enough to freeze, hand out, or just keep pulling them out and eating them up! 
 Of course, how could I fill the house with this amazing smell and not let the big ones dig in - but the rest of the crew will just have to wait until Christmas morning for the rest!
Happy Advent!!  Christmas is just around the corner and this family is ready to Celebrate Our Lord!!!!  God Bless!

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