Friday, December 21, 2012

Eagerly anticipating

 I woke up this morning knowing that Our Lords birth is right around the corner.  I didn't feel the anxiousness of the past few days - my new found phrase "myriad of things to do" did not cross my lips, and I snuggled with my Abby
 Stephen's school party was over and the 655 dozen cookies that I baked where gone!  I finally finished some projects that I knew would take time and lots of love, and gifts are wrapped.  I'm feeling peaceful!  (That could have something to do with the Grace I received through the Sacrament of Reconciliation!) 
 And did I mention today is my Nephew's birthday?  Yep, and I get to see him!!  That could also account for the peace and joy!
So this morning, The Maddox family will continue to prepare our hearts and our home to receive Our Lord on Tuesday!  We are in full eager anticipation!!

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