Thursday, May 26, 2011

The month of May

My Aunt Kathy and Cecilia
 The month of May has always been a very special month for us
first family picture of a family of 6! :)
 It's filled with birthday's, anniversary's, celebrations
My very good looking nephew and of course his parents :)  Also very good looking :)
 but this year the month of May has been even more exciting than usual!
4 beautiful generations!!
 Because it's also been filled with family!  It's hard to beat that!
Cecilia, Bing(my nephew), and Jude....remember, Bing is only 5mnths old! :)
We even got to hang out with Alan's family in Baton Rouge last weekend - and still one more exciting event is still tomorrow!! :)

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Henry's Mom said...

What great pix! Love seeing the family and Bing is adorable and such a big boy! Can't believe how big Cecilia and Jude are getting - don't let them get too much bigger before you come to GA! BTW, you look amazing Jess ; - )