Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little bit of nothing

So really this blog is a good excuse for me to share some fun new pictures of the twins - b/c there's not much that I'm in the mood for sharing in my head (really my head is full of thoughts of more coffee :) ) 
 But since I asked you for some awesome book advice I'll share with you that I did indeed try to read a book - I picked it up at my parents house, got really excited about it and fell asleep - hahaha
I grabbed  Wicked the musical - I have always wanted to see this musical so I thought since I never will - I might as well go ahead and read the book
The next day I got an email from the Fox Theater in Atlanta - Wicked is coming back to Atlanta for 4 weeks - we're so going - and now I'm not reading the book :)

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Henry's Mom said...

Love the pics! Cannot wait to meet Cecilia and Jude!!! They are so beautiful and I love their onesies - too cute!
Also, let me know how the book is. Was thinking about reading it before the show too. Lady working at B&N told me that she thought it was a great read, but not necessary to understand the show. I love to read though, so either way I will probably read it before or after ; - )