Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing outside

Though we didn't get a picture of Stephen in the bike trailer, here are some pictures of one of our latest family outings on the bikes. Alan finally convinced me that a bike trailer was a good idea - we are now riding our bikes all the time and Stephen loves it. Last Saturday I had to go to a workshop in Daphne so Alan took Stephen to Fairhope. There is a path that goes along the bay and Alan said that Stephen didn't make a sound the entire ride - he just stared out at the water and smiled! :)

Here are some photos of us stopped for a break to say hi to our friends Dan, Lauren, and Emma!
Emma say's "hey I want to go for a bike ride!"
Quick snack time! :)

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Jessica said...

I can't wait for family bike time! I'm so envious! Not to be demanding, but I'd love to see a pic of Stephen in his new wheels. Thanks for sharing & we miss ya'll!!!